Sparkle and shine

One of my favorite ways to avoid actually shopping at Christmastime is to wander around stores, pretending to be shopping, but instead just enjoying the sparkly displays.

Most are way too over the top and garish for me to do anything but gape in a sort of childlike wonder. Bubble lights! Penguins! Glittery stuff! Fake snow!

My tastes for home are much simpler, but by God I’ve got tons of decorations! Each year a different bunch of boxes is hauled down from the attic and I feel as if I’ve never seen most of it before because it’s been so many years since I last used whatever is in that particular box.

I have a particular weakness for glass ornaments and try very hard to avert my eyes and avoid displays like this one! A store around the corner from me has a wall solid with nothing but glass tree ornaments in every conceivable shape and size… animals, lighthouses, flowers, birds, insects…

I only looked long enough to find a sweet little shorebird; a group that is poorly represtented among the bird ornaments on my tree. That was my excuse for buying it at least.


Today wasn’t entirely wasted on ogling; I did manage to buy a few gifts. Not many, but it’s a start at least.

How many shopping days left?

3 thoughts on “Sparkle and shine”

  1. 4 or 5–depending if you count Sunday as a shopping day! Time was no store was open on Sunday. No more–blue laws are all gone. Actually they lasted a long time here in conservative central PA.
    With a display of glass ornaments such as in your photo you are lucky to escape with only ONE buy.

  2. We did some shopping at Costco … oh lordy. So much cool stuff … and all soooo much in such big containers at such a reasonable price … like, for example, Almond Roca – you get must be FOUR times as much for $10 as you get at the grocery store! Wow – two whole punds of sugar and fat for just $10! Yummmm !!!!!!!!!

    Totally lose your senses in there!

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