The larger darkness of night

I want to be enchanted by the season, by its dreams and starry ideas, by the quiet solitude of snowfall.

The things that fill the larger darkness of night, the things we so deliberately weave into our days in this season of diminished light…

What are your rituals, like the coming together with family, that let you treasure this season? Not the glitter, not the wrapping paper, but the true meaning beneath the things we do for the sake of vanity?

Maybe it’s the occasion to extend a hand to someone who’s been without or…


I’m so lost in the glitter and the busyness that I hardly have time to hope for more.

Oh! Heather from Pa. sent me something I’m to pass along to other members of the flock. Probably I’ll send it to Susan first, for her to send on to the flocker of her choice. So be looking for something. Thanks, Heather!

11 thoughts on “The larger darkness of night”

  1. Laura,

    My season rituals have been thwarted during recent years with the loss of some and distance… But I try to merrily roll along, gazing at the sparkle and making my own, new traditions… I’m trying.

    Wishing you and all you love a blessed day, including sweet Lukamoose.

    Merry Christmas, Laura :o)


  2. I have written a bit about our church’s bistro. That is always the first Sunday of Advent, and seems a fitting beginning to the season. Since the event raises money for an organization that helps people out of work, or without heat, or in some other need–it serves as a reminder to what the season is REALLY all about.
    That–and (a bit more mundane) I always make shortbread and mail it to my brother and sister.

  3. I’m intrigued!

    We do four separate Christmas episodes around here, to cover all of the family. What has made it special and fun, to blur the craziness, is the squeals of delight that come from Lorelei and Isabelle when they open a gift they have been hoping for. We must be doing something right, because they have been so grateful and generous with the hugs to the family members who have made their little dreams come true.

  4. during the season we find a place to give – until this year it has been to children “adopted” during the holiday season by my husband’s large workplace. name ornaments are put on the office tree with gift requests on the back of the hanging ornaments. this year, however, we have chosen an animal rescue sanctuary to sponsor. we will be giving money for food and/or other special needs for the neglected/abused animals who are taken in and provided for until their death. what a wonderful discovery to find this woman and her sanctuary, a woman whose heart is full of love for every animal. she has saved many lives with her dedication and generosity. i suspect this will become our christmas ritual each year. it just feels right.

  5. It’s been an odd Christmas for us in terms of our traditions. My sister is going through a divorce and her soon to be ex (now living in NC) wanted the boys until late today. I am reading and singing at the 8PM church service tonight, and so we decided to have our Christmas on Christmas Day, much to my mom’s sadness. We have always done it on Christmas Eve. So, everything seems a bit discombobulated this year. But, we’ll muddle through.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours Laura. Can’t wait to meet you and give you a proper hello hug in April. :c)

  6. For us, it’s the gathering of family together. But, I think my secret joy is sharing that family time with friends of ours who don’t have family nearby (either in emotion or proximity). Giving them a happy holiday tradition makes me really happy.

  7. I’ll spend a couple of hours tomorrow helping to serve lunch at a homeless shelter. While I’m there, I’ll think of the special souls like you who try to help every day, and I’ll thank my lucky stars for everything I have.

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