Bad bird photo of the week

Count the purple sandpipers!

Careful… they do blend in well with their surroundings. I’m always amazed with their nonchalance as they hunt for food where the rough sea crashes against the rocks. Some even seem to be napping!

10 thoughts on “Bad bird photo of the week”

  1. Hahahahahaha.


    I’m still surprised they didn’t fly away.

    What’s wrong is that the color is all off. Purple? What purple?

  2. I am amazed and impressed that you got out that far on the slippery rocks to take the picture. Forget the birds’ nonchalance — how wet were you from the splashing waves?

    I’m such a beginner birder — I count only 12 birds.

    Wayne, PA

  3. Well, if you count the decapitated birds, there are 18. And the photo serves only as a reminder for your brain which will recall the event in stunning clairity – so I wouldn’t worry too much about quality. I must admit, however, to a certain amount of camera envy while in S.FL and seeing the great shots of barred owls and herons and such taken by those with Nikon 300 digital cameras – sans tripod. Camera geeks. Feh!

  4. I guess I’d better count again-I only saw 16. That would be a pretty good photo in my book by the way.-Okay-I see the other ones now.

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