Tell me what you really think

Hm. In the last week at work, I’ve been told the following:

“That is none of your business and you really need to learn your place.”


“I feel really sorry for you that you hate being a social worker so much that you have to be so rude. You should find a new profession. In fact, I’ll suggest that to your supervisor, too.”


“Your caseload must be really high that it takes you a whole day to return my phone call. Maybe you need an assistant.”

That last one, finally, hits the truth.

I do need an assistant to return ridiculous phone calls for me, soothe the nerves of needy clients and do all the godforsaken paperwork that justifies my seat at this desk. All that crap handled by someone else and out of my way, I’ll have plenty of time to:

Tell them only what they want to hear


Do all the stuff they seem to think is my responsibility, rather than doing a thing for themselves.

Heaven forbid!

I’ve been at this far too long to be as surprised as I am by the hostility flung my way on a daily basis. I guess I’m just surprised that I’m surprised anymore.

Is it Friday yet?

17 thoughts on “Tell me what you really think”

  1. You must have to be rather thick-skinned to be able to handle comments like that. Being REALLY thin-skinned is a major fault of mine. I’d be a puddle at the end of your day.

    Do you have to just let it go by or do you scream at the end of the day? I KNOW you do a good job and are really able to help folks.
    Thank you Laura

  2. Wow, I don’t know how you do it. That is sad the way that people act. It seems to be rampant in all facets of our country these days. Hang in there, the weekend is coming.

  3. As a fellow social worker I feel your frustration. It is difficult to go home and feel like no appreciates what you do for them. It isn’t often that a someone actually says “Thank You”.

  4. I’m so impressed that you can do the job you do. There are times when teaching feels thankless but my goodness it’s got nothing on what you do. I honor you!

  5. It could be worse I guess .. at first I thought they were comments from your boss and co-workers! ..

    and, I think is just barely Friday there.

  6. I see so many patients who fully are responsible for the reason they are injured, and it sometimes amazes me how indignant they’ll get about someone fixing things up just perfectly. Uh, dude… you are the reason your leg caught on fire? Remember? You thought it would be cool to play with gasoline and fire when you were drunk?

    I feel your pain Laura. Just know that you make such a difference, and their comments are so not about you, but rather their own frustration at the lack of control in their lives.

  7. Oh, very bad day! Unfortunately, most of us have them. And most of that kind of comments are totally unjustified, and the result of other people’s frustrations and disappointments causing them to lash out. – Yet another reason why I am so grateful to be retired!

  8. I worked in health care for a long time and I know exactly what you are saying. We have a generation of people who know how to play the system and also have learned which buttons to push. They are difficult, rude, and don’t want to do anything to help themselves.

    Then, like a breath of fresh air, comes a person who really appreciates everything you are doing for him. A person who follows your advice and actually wants to improve his situation in life. Focus on those people and put the others out of your mind.

    It is Friday. And YES, spring is here! Have a good weekend.

  9. I just don’t get some people. It’s like they don’t understand that unless the person they’re dealing with has shown a pattern of unconcern or incompetence, it’s wise to assume the best and be pleasant. You’re so much more likely to get good service that way.

    My maternal grandmother was raised to treat people a certain way and boy did it help her in the nursing home. She was always kind and patient, never a harsh word. The worst I ever heard her say was, “I was disappointed by that meal.”

    The staff adored her. When she became so debilitated that she should’ve been moved from her private room in the “mobile” ward to the noisier and much less pleasant ward for those who could no longer do for themselves, the staff said no way. She was kind and they were happy to deal with the extra care she needed because she was so grateful for everything they did.

    Being nice pays. And you’re amazing to put up with such abuse day in, day out.

  10. Hey, that’s one of the great American traits. Why take respsonsibility, if there is someone else you can blame.
    You are a brave nice lady. Gutsy too. To brave such a vocation.
    I have a friend from college, who is in the Children’s Services. Hair raising.

  11. It is FRIDAY!

    Go out and have a great weekend.

    The Juncos have left Phoenix, but we still have Goldfinch for a bit yet. Whose in your backyard these days?

  12. When I think my job is too much I will remember those who have jobs like yours… I don’t know if I would be able to handle the crap slung at me. I would become tough as nails, for sure!

    If it helps – I appreciate what you do. As a matter of fact, I’m in awe of what you do, Laura.

  13. A personal thank you for the support and encouragement you are providing to many people who for whatever reasons are unable to help themselves.

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