8 thoughts on “Parasoled”

  1. Welcome to WordPress. I’ve very few complaints after 5+ years on their service. You’re still on my blogroll and I’ve updated the link to your wordpress site.

  2. Hey, welcome to WordPress! I see you got the archives all ported over, too — including the photos. (That’s the main problem for my friends stuck on Typepad. The photos won’t transfer.) Sorry to see Blogger stagnate, but I think you’re wise to move — Google has a history of terminating widely used products (Reader, Orkut, etc.) simply because they are no longer on the cutting age. WordPress.com, on the other hand, has a strong commitment to promoting online self-publishing. I think it’s a good long-term solution.

    Anyway. It’s great to see all your

    1. Thanks, Dave! Google seems to be letting Blogger die a slow death…

      Moving was easy, thankfully, once I finally made the decision to do it, though I feel like I have a lot to learn here before I’ll be comfortable – maybe that’s a good thing!

  3. Wow! Love this new look, Laura. May have to consider for myself. Maybe this is what I need to get myself back into the blogging world.

    1. Jayne – thank you! I’ve been drooling over the beautiful possibilities at WordPress for years; in fact, have made two other false starts at a new blog here over the years. This time it’ll stick for sure!

  4. Looks really nice. Will be interesting to watch how you are able to use WordPress. Change is hard!

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