Have you ever?

stepped on a plane and found yourself transported to another world?

where wild horses wander amid the ruins of a great island estate?

where the shadows of trees hold anhingas and wood storks?

and life birds fly past in squadrons of color or shades of gray?

where gators smile to lure the unknowing closer to the edge of their world?

where pelicans pose dockside for a portrait?

have you ever lost your breath to the beauty of a sunrise?


(I have!)

I’m like an 11 year old just back from sleep-away camp with a hundred run-on sentences about everything I saw, everyone I fell in love with, every little thing I did… words and photos are just beneath the surface… just waiting for my head to stop with all the spinning.


I’m also painfully slow to process new experiences which is why I talk in lists and pictures, sometimes.

Bear with me…

8 thoughts on “Have you ever?”

  1. Holy moly. That first picture blew me away. It’s like some sort of Van Gogh painting on acid or something.

    I love your blog, man. LOVE. IT.

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