Skywatch Friday: Driftwood Beach Dawn

An hour or so at sunrise on Jekyll’s Driftwood Beach was a *must-do* for me, despite not really wanting to drag myself from bed in the pre-dawn darkness at the start of what would be a full day of kayaking and then later driving clear across the state of Georgia to start the trip home.

But I’d seen pictures and had to be there with my own camera.


The dawn was disappointingly cloudy and the horizon dotted with shrimp boats… not what I’d hoped for.

I wandered among the jumbled boneyard of oaks and pines, waiting. I got lost with the fiddler crabs scuttling between the maze-like tangles of trunks and branches. I searched for perfect shells and sand dollars. I came upon a juvenile Bald Eagle, perched in a dead snag, awaiting the clear dawn’s light with me and felt privileged for its company.

Finally, the sun made its appearance above the clouds and I found that I liked it best between these silhouetted and wind bowed oaks.

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10 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday: Driftwood Beach Dawn”

  1. You captured a beautiful sunrise, it was definitely worth your early awaking to me 🙂 as I hope it was for you too.
    Your blog has so amazing photo, I enjoyed them immensely.

  2. I hate mornings. Especially the getting up part.

    Which makes sunrise photography (and birding) somewhat of a chore. But when when the sky lights up and the camera starts clicking and you look at the images it all seems worth it.

    Nice shot.

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