This is Otis… he’s a photographer from Virginia. We met today at the Conowingo Dam in Maryland where we were both photographing the bald eagles that congregate there in the winter.

Truth be told, with my little lens, I was mostly photographing the other people that were photographing the eagles…

Talk about camera envy!

I hesitate to call anyone I met today a stranger… there’s a certain camaraderie that exists naturally among birders and others who enjoy the outdoors. I do know, however, that many of us prefer to remain behind the lens. Otis was an exception to that and I was glad for his smile (and to know that much of his set-up, intimidating as it looks, is homemade and affordable.)

More about the eagles in another post.

This photo is #2 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at Flickr 100 Strangers or www.100Strangers.com

7 thoughts on “2/100”

  1. I love your 100 strangers project.

    Otis looks like a very friendly guy. His equipment does look intimidating. I’ll bet he has some great pictures.

    I’ll be interested to see more of your eagles.

  2. Many times the people behind the lens are as interesting as the birds. I also “covet” lens of other photographers. Great post.

  3. Wow, what a great photo. I am terrible at taking pics of people, but you’ve got a real knack for it.

    This sounds like a neat project!

  4. Thanks everyone…

    Sandy: I didn’t get any eagle shots (I only have the 28-200 mm lens, but my friend did. I’ll share some soon!

    That flash extender thing that Otis has, he made himself… I forget what they’re called?

  5. The commercial version of that “flash extender thing” is called a Better Beamer.

    And that friend keeps sending her eagle pictures but there is no satisfying her!

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