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  1. I was doing the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge way back in the 70s – how great that you found it. I remember one year when Hurricane Agnes came through that we had to sail our boat from Shell Point to St Marks inland to keep it safe.

    It’s been 33 years since I left Tallahassee, but in the interim the rails to trails program was enacted. There is apparently a bicycle path that goes the twenty miles or so from Tallahassee down into the Refuge, and at least was if not still is quite popular.

  2. NCMountainWoman: It felt like playing hooky, yes, to be barefoot in mid-winter.


    MevetS: Right. Right.

    Rabbit’s Guy: Just in case, anyway.

    Wayne: Yeah… I think I saw that bike trail.

    It’s a lovely refuge and I wish there’d been more time to explore it on foot… I liked that about it compared to the marshy refuge here in NJ that I visit… it’s more than just a driving tour. The cold and rain didn’t make walking as enjoyable as it might’ve otherwise been though. I’d imagine seeing it in a boat or kayak would be really cool.

    I think the whooping cranes are located near Shell Point… if I’m remembering the geography and place names correctly.

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