39 by 40

Maybe you remember last year’s list. Maybe you noticed that I hadn’t shared this year’s.


Today’s the halfway mark to 40 and I hope it’s safe to share… there’s been progress, but I need, really, to get busy. I carried a couple things from last year, things that still feel fun or meaningful to me:

1 Try blue nail polish or purple… anything besides boring.

2 Go iceskating.

3 See a really rare bird.

4 Dip my toes in that other ocean.

5 Hike a mountain without complaining too loudly.

6 Stay up all night to watch the sunrise. Stay in bed the rest of the day. Do not feel guilty.

7 Try a photography project.

8 Buy a bicycle. With a basket. For flowers.

9 Wander aimlessly.

10 Get the nerve up to submit something to qarrtsiluni.

11 Cross paths with a moose.

12 Buy the perfect magic dress.

13 Finally tackle shorebirds.

14 Have my palm read on the boardwalk.

15 Learn to like flash.

16 Ride a train.

17 Perfect a fake accent.

18 Smile in a bikini.

19 Surprise someone.

20 Surprise myself.

21 Renew my passport.

22 Ask forgiveness.

23 Go maple-syruping.

24 Try out a new recipe.

25 Fly a kite at the beach.

26 Sleep outside under the stars.

27 Read five new authors.

28 Build a sandcastle.

29 Let it go.

30 Learn how to wolf-whistle.

31 Find an old person to teach me how to play canasta.

32 Get a good Pine Barrens map.

33 Find a photobooth. Make funny faces at the camera.

34 Learn the names of 5 constellations in the winter sky.

35 Read a novel in Spanish.

36 Explore a National Park.

37 Do that one thing I’ve been putting off.

38 Do that other thing I’ve been putting off.

39 Walk barefoot on the beach as often as possible.

11 thoughts on “39 by 40”

  1. How can you quantify #39 to know that you’ve achieved it? I’m envious of your list and of your chutzpah to tackle it, let along speak it to the world!

  2. Come to Idaho – I can help you with the moose thing. But you do not want to get too close to one. They are the meanest critter in the woods.

  3. So, if you take part of 31, I can help you with 30.
    I learned this in LATIN class! Back in high school. And, at 64, I qualify for “old” — ahem, maybe OLDER.

  4. Is #15 flash, as in a camera’s flash, or Flash, as in the web animations? If the latter, #15 might be easier said than done.

  5. I hadn’t considered streaking as a third option for #15. In that case, it’s becoming a little too cold for that option now.

  6. Well, it was some list then and still is … what a collection. Do you sort of drive along and all of a sudden pull over to the curb and do one of those things? Like get out and wander aimlessly? Or must you plan them in advance?

  7. If you visit Pittsburg New Hampshire (Connecticut Lakes) in May and drive up the main road-route 3 towards Canada at dusk you are all but certain to see a few moose and several moosewatchers too.They call it moose alley.

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