to a moonlit September beach

crab traps, fishing poles and the little compartments of a tackle box

to wildflower-strewn hillsides in W. Virginia

toasting marshmallows on a stick and waiting for the whippoorwills to call

to the smooth path of a wake behind the boat

night walks with Luka, the warm lights of other people’s lives as we pass outside

to the first breath of salty air coming home over the bridge

the enchanted fairy-tale scent of beach plum in the dunes

to the places and people that don’t change

the rumbling happy tone of your voice

to lingering can’t-say-goodbye sunsets

the echoes of footsteps, no words between us

to winnowing snipe, pasture horses and more ticks than I’ve had on me in my life in N. Dakota

the stars and darkness gathered all around us, mixed with the sound of the ocean

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Where does your mind wander to?

5 thoughts on “Wandering…”

  1. This is a simply wonderful post, Laura. My mind immediately went in several directions- the children, the new garden, the screech owls nesting in the tree out back, my husband flying home this minute from a business trip- whoa! So, to slow things down, I read where YOUR mind goes…and the bits and pieces of your life that I know about-Luka, your trip to Florida, birds…thank you for these minutes!

  2. A great post, Laura,

    My mind drifts off to the trails in the woods,
    the last place I saw a butterfly,
    the best place to see dragonflies,
    back to my days in Oklahoma, where I know the redbud and dogwood trees are blooming now,
    into to the unknown future of our retirement.

    That is only a part of it, I do tend to wander a lot.

  3. Very nice! My mind wanders in the fields and forest of my childhood and back to Idaho. It flies on the wings of the birds and lands on a remote lake. It settles in a sea of serenity and warms in a baking desert!

  4. So many beautiful places, with wonderful friends alongside me… to ping-pong ball “eggs” and Cape May beaches and California mountains and Texas sunsets….

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