12 thoughts on “A reminder”

  1. Pretty true – unless of course you happen to have a bunch of rabbits and a hard-headed spouse in the house. Then it is sometimes “Go with the flow!”

  2. This post made me stop and ponder for a few minutes. Maybe the next thing I should do is hire an editor for my book of life.

  3. No. I met him in a weird way and I kinda followed his story. He was hooked up with creative loafing and the stuff he emailed me made me think he wasn’t quite genuine (or who he said he was) I still have copies of all of it. BUT at times he seemed very genuine. It’s just the things he talked about in his blog then started happening in my life….. Then the cryptic health problem thingy then nothing. Made it seem as though something went very wrong OR my suspicions were correct and he was affiliated with creative loafing which is a weird outfit and then he signed off because you have to close the blog somehow … do you have any thoughts on this? I will tell you what I meant about the emails if you are interested. You have probably seen me posting at his blog. My main question is do you or any other regular posters to his blog have any weird vibes on him or any contact with him or weird vibes on the contact with him?? I liked to think he was genuine but if you knew how things transpired you would understand why I was iffy on it. His blog WAS awesome … (i only know him from online and emails) I really love the stairs picture. Very evocative… if you would like to delete this comment I would understand…. but I would really like to know if anyone got bad juju from him …..

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