I’m sort of going through the motions here…

Have you noticed?

Of course you have. I apologize.

Someday soon I’ll get back on track, find a place to write from again.

In the meantime, I’m marveling in Spring as much as my full-time job in a cubicle allows. There’s lunchtimes spent with strip-mall birds and evenings beside this little lake with swallows and night herons and kingbirds for entertainment. There’s been whole weekends devoted to wildflowers and birds and traveling to be with friends.

I wander with my camera, annoyed with this crappy lens, annoyed with how little of the magic I see and the wonder I feel that it seems able to capture, annoyed with my inability to describe any of it in words.

I’m in some sort of a funk, probably.

I’m reading again instead, finally. Voraciously, somehow, after months on end of not being able to concentrate on anything as solid as a book. Probably that’s the fuel I need to have anything of import to say here.



I’m reading about horses again and I’m afraid I might finally have decided what I really want for my 40th.


Bear with me.

9 thoughts on “Lakeside”

  1. I suppose most folks are searching for their idea of reality. In your business maybe you see too much reality and look for a different kind or level – which could sort of come and go.

  2. I could so see you with a horse Laura! I think we all go through spells like this. I am reading a good bit too these days and find that at times, all I can muster for the blog is a snapshot of something in the garden. :c)

  3. I sometimes think one of the greatest disservices Western society made to itself was abandoning the wheel of fortune metaphor and adopting instead the notion of progress as a straight and unfaltering line.

    We have times when we’re feeling energized and creative, and times when we’re not. There are times when a particular project appeals and times when it doesn’t produce so much as a spark.

    One of the things I’m learning is that with some things, it’s best to push on, regardless (exercise, employment) and other times, relax, let it go, or find another way (write short stories instead of novels, or paint instead of crochet).

    One thing that’s certain is that the inspiration always comes back, just like the wheel always turns.

    Good luck to you as you wait for the wheel to take you back up.

  4. Even your “uninspired” posts always make me smile or think or both.

    Oh my–imagine birding by horseback! Squeeeeeeee!!!!!

  5. I can relate to what you are saying. I’m hoping that when (if) summer arrives here I will feel more like myself. I hope that you do as well.

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