Irish Fiddle

Just passing along this link to an NPR story this afternoon about an Irish-American fiddler. Listen to the story for a treat!

I adore Irish folk music. I love the fiddle. Wish I could learn to play. Last spring I started taking a series of courses at the community college where I teach to learn the pennywhistle. Fun courses, but difficult for me to learn in such a large group. I hope to repeat the beginning level course again this spring, but would really like to find a private tutor to give me lessons.

2 thoughts on “Irish Fiddle”

  1. I love Irish music too. I already play the flute so I’ve learned to play some tunes. What I need is other people to play music with!

  2. Is there an Irish bar nearby? lol!

    Near to where I live is a town with quite a few Irish immigrants and a popular Irish bar where every other Sunday local musicians have sessions – maybe you could find something similar?

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