It felt a bit like Spring today, so once I finished up my normal Saturday errands I decided to go for a stroll with the dog. I’ve been really lazy the last few years with walking him every day. We mostly take special trips to the beach for a run or to a favorite wooded park that is about 20 minutes away in the car. Gone are the days when I had time to walk him through town every day or to the park that is right next door.

So feeling energetic (and sort of guilty) today, I set out to visit our favorite local spots. This circuit through town usually takes us about an hour if we don’t stop to birdwatch or daydream along the way. We walked through town – we do this quickly because all the activity frightens him – and made our way to the local “nature trail”. This place makes Buddy happy because there’s lots of fallen leaves, mud, and things for him to explore. Not much there today in terms of birds, but we did see a red-tail soaring above the tree tops. We continued along the marsh and creek and paused where it widens and one can imagine the ocean that is only a few miles away. The marsh side of the road has access to shallower water and Buddy often takes a dip there, but not today. He wanted to, but it was still a bit too cold for him to be swimming.

Sadly, it was low tide and most of the ducks were way back in the marsh hidden in the phrags. The open water had groups of mallards and canada geese visible. Further out, I imagined a few buffleheads. By this point, Buddy and I were a bit more than half-way home and it was clear that he’d had enough and was tired. We walked the rest of the way very slowly. My Boo is feeling his age, I’m afraid. He’s 11 this year and is stiff and having chronic problems with his ears and skin. He sleeps a lot. Until today he had boundless energy on walks. I guess maybe we just overdid it today.