A craving, satisfied

As the peak of summer bloom approaches, a foray into the local botanical garden offers something that feels like meditation. With the familiar heft of my camera in hand, I am occupied with wonder. There, just there, tucked into a sunny corner of the demonstration garden, a patch of lavender is busy with bees…

Last summer I was craving a Lensbaby; I will likely spend this summer making many mistakes in learning how to use its wide-angle and bendy-action to best effect. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing in a new way along with me.

3 thoughts on “A craving, satisfied”

  1. My daughter and a friend, both teen-aged photographers were craving a Lensbaby, too. Each saved up and got ones for their cameras, they are having a great time with them. One of the cameras is in Europe on a high school band trip at the moment. I am anxious to see what the photos look like from that.

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