6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday morning”

  1. Aww! How’d you get that sweet picture? Every time I come near Tidbit with the camera, she has to stick her nose in the lens and look for treats. I can never get her in that sweet chin-on-floor pose!

    Go, Cricket!

  2. bunnygirl: I’ve wanted a pic like this of her for ages – so I snuck up today while she was half asleep!

    endment: I have 5 this week, same as last week, same as next week. 5 is the absolute limit!

  3. Or maybe he’s already done the mischief and needed a nap!!!!!

    How can you stand the cuteness!

  4. My apologies to Cricket – SHE not HE! Tink says she’ll nip me inna butt for her.

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