5/24/06 Mid-week bunny fix (a bunny’s eye view)

Missy is snarky even when half-asleep

Freckles is cautiously optimistic

Boomer’s sleepy contended glance says it all

Cricket is ever watchful and alert

11 thoughts on “5/24/06 Mid-week bunny fix (a bunny’s eye view)”

  1. Your use of “snarky” cracked DH and me up! He used that word recently and it made me howl because it sounded made up. He looked it up and though he used it a bit incorrectly (as in smarmy, not irritated) it is suddenly everywhere! We see it in articles all over the place! And here it is on your blog. Priceless.
    What a bunch of cuties…makes me want to kiss them between those irritated, sleepy, alert, optimistic eyes.
    Thought of you the other day…we have a rabbit warren under our back porch. Will try to get a pic on my blog.
    Smiles to you!

  2. Jimmy: Thanks! They are cute.

    Bunnygirl: They’re hatching a plan for world domination – by cuteness!

    Susan: I often see *snarky* used to refer to girl bunnies – it’s a pretty common character trait. 😉
    I had to look up *smarmy* – I’ve heard it used, but couldn’t come up with a synonym off the top of my head. Just saying *smarmy* gives a sense of its meaning, don’t you think?

  3. Snarky? We use that one very commonly up this way. Funny how language regionalizes, in spite of the telly’s best efforts.

    Rabbits are definitely cu-yoot!

  4. They’re hatching a plan for world domination – by cuteness!

    I got news for you, Ma’am: We felines had that plan first! Why is it buns must always copy us? I suppose imitation is the highest form of flattery…

  5. Cuties!

    Yes – snarky. Tinkerbell has that look mastered. She can be dead asleep and still “give you the look”. Silly rabbit. She has been here since she was a baby, and there are times I swear she is absolutely disgusted that we live here too. Then the rest of the time she is soooo lovey. Definitely a DIVA.

  6. Oh Michelle you are too funny!

    Zeus: I’m not so sure who’s flattering who, but buns do have some endearing habits that are uniquely their own!

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