6/21/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Feeling a bit silly this evening so thought I should post an equally silly bunny pic! This is Missy doing her best imitation of a Mermaid for the PetBunny Halloween Ball in 2004. Our Auntie Judith from PB is a PhotoShop wizard and creates costumes for all the bunnies on the list each year. Pics of other PB bunnies in costume are available here. Auntie Judith’s bunny, Mr. Bee, is one of my favorite PB bunnies and Judith takes gorgeous pics of him. Have a look at her bunny gallery for a real bunny fix! If you look at the Halloween pics, keep an eye out for some of my other bunnies, and let me know if you *recognize* them in costume!

4 thoughts on “6/21/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. I looked at some of the pictures on that link and couldn’t find any of yours. They all started to look alike to me. But cute! I need someone to do that for Nellie.

  2. Those costume pictures are so funny and creative! I don’t know that I would have the patience for it. Your friends have some awfully cute bunnies! Makes me want to give Tidbit a hug…

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