Going, going, gone

The photos I took on 30 July will likely be the last of the baby Piping Plovers…

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All 4 babies and their dad were still at the beach on 4 August, but my camera battery was dead…

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That evening, while we watched, 3 of them took a very serious-looking flight straight out over the ocean. It was the first prolonged flight I’d witnessed and it looked to me like they meant to head straight for the Bahamas.

; )

They came back, but I’ve heard since that dad and two of the babies have left for points south. 2 chicks were still around as of yesterday… I hope to get back for a couple last shots, but…

Seven President’s Park is the only place in Monmouth County, besides Sandy Hook, that had Piping Plovers this season… and the season was a huge success for our pair!

; )

3 thoughts on “Going, going, gone”

  1. Sweet photo of a peewee piper!Their are groups so protective of them in Connecticut that I haven’t tried to get close to them lately.

  2. Ane we got to share so much of it. Thanks!

    I have just finished reading Silent Spring for an assignment I am working on. Thank you Rachel Carson for giving us this chance!

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