Plover party

We had a little potluck party this evening to celebrate a successful nesting season for “our” Piping Plovers at Seven President’s Park… there was beer and pizza and homegrown tomatoes with basil and mozarella and homemade wine…

We plover monitors had logged better than 1500 volunteer hours (75~ of them myself) and babysat 4 healthy chicks throughout the beach season.


I didn’t take very many people pix while out on the beach, but this random beach-goer typifies the amused sort of tolerance of our antics we’ve trained the public into…

Can’t you just see him wondering what all the fuss is about?

Endangered birds… what birds? Where?

: )

Linda is a veteran at this… she and I spent many an evening together at opposite ends of the beach shepherding people away from the chicks.

Click and look closely for two tiny young chicks feeding at her feet!

Marie is another volunteer that I spent a lot of time with… study her posture… she was fierce with young surfers who didn’t think they had to follow everyone else’s rules on “their” beach…

I had to include this pic of a plover chick running across my beach towel, just because…

: )

Someone on FB linked to an article in just the last couple days that almost suggested that Piping Plovers might do better on very peopled beaches… I wonder if that might not be true…

Public education can be our greatest advantage if we leverage it properly…


The party tonight was fun, but I think we all left wondering what we’ll do with ourselves all winter…

: )

5 thoughts on “Plover party”

  1. Love the towel shot.

    I could see how having humans around could deter predators. But it has to be conscientious humans.

    I’ve got images of a humming bird nest made in a potted tree next to the door of the gift shop at the Boyce-Thompson Arboretum in AZ. The consensus was that the bird picked the spot because is was safe. The flow of people kept predators away and the type of people who would visit would care about the bird and keep a respectful distance. Anecdotal evidence for sure, but supportive of the premise.

    Have a fun winter!

  2. I have robins that nest on the light fixture next to our busy front door every year.

    And I had a rabbit nest her babies on the other side of the door under some clethra….even though we have a dog…..

    Nice to know they “trust” us to keep predators away.

    I have really enjoyed your series of plover pictures. Thanks for bringing us along!

    Wayne, PA

  3. Many thanks for your work with the PiPlos!
    And I have a feeling that winter will be anything but idle.
    Best wishes,

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