Trees in miniature – Deep Cut Gardens

Delicate branches

Roots caress a simple pot

White blossoms shimmer

The essence of all forests

Lives here in one small tree.

-Mastuyama Mokurai

The art of bonsai is meant to suggest a tree which has grown naturally under specific conditions, for example windswept on a rocky shore, clinging to the side of a cliff, or standing undisturbed in the forest. The time and patience needed to train a tree in miniature form to look natural and mature is, perhaps, the foremost challenge of this horticultural practice.

A gardener studying bonsai is encouraged to study nature and get out and look at trees. Get under them and look up. Notice them. Get to know them so that you might create a representation of all of nature in one small tree.

Pics taken in the Japanese Garden at Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ. Other posts about Deep Cut are available here and here.

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5 thoughts on “Trees in miniature – Deep Cut Gardens”

  1. I love bonsai. There is a whole room of them at the Conservatory in Cincinnati, and they have one that is over 100 years old.
    I have tried bonsai trees, but I always end up killing them with kindness.

  2. I am the kiss of death to house plants. I can’t immagine the skill it takes to make those trees grow, and to grow so beautifully.

  3. I’ve never tried bonzai – though I love to look at them. The collection at Deep Cut is young, I think, they’re not really shaped like some of the beautiful ones I’ve seen.

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