Bird quiz!

Silly ducks with their backs turned and butts in the air – how are we supposed to know who they are?
At least these were a bit closer – can you name them?
Close, cooperative ducks, finally! What are they?

* Note: Don’t bother checking the photo tags, most of you won’t find any hints there. The only hint I will give is that these ducks are not what they seem to be. Have fun!

17 thoughts on “Bird quiz!”

  1. These birds appear to be made of materials other than flesh and bone. Tricky quiz if you don’t look carefully. I’m guessing the ones in the last photo are supposed to be Green-winged Teal, but they don’t quite match. They are definitely off for Canvasbacks or Redheads.

  2. Silverlight: We do have Ruddies – cute little ducks!

    John: I was sure you’d see that these were *off* right away without looking closely.

    The last are closest to GW Teal, but what about the other pics, besides the mallards – black ducks? (that’s what I call every duck I don’t know!)

  3. LAURA YOU SNEAK!!! I had my field guide out before I looked at the comments! Don’t tell anyone- OK? 🙂

    (the duck butts were real weren’t they?)

  4. Lynne: Nope – those are decoys too. Kind of cool, huh? Don’t worry, I won’t tell. 😉

    Susan: Yes, I am a goof.

    I was sitting here trying to figure out how to post all the pics I took today at the dcoy show – taking into consideration Blogger’s wonkiness – when I thought of this. Everyone else does photo quizes, why can’t I?


  5. Lynne: I thought the were regular decoys weighted down so they’d float butt-up.

    Thanks to -llm for the link – they are cute!

    Sorry Laura. Couldn’t resist.

    Jenn: No blind – they were part of a competition. Thanks for coming by.

    Deb: Of course you knew that. (Sure!)

  6. Patrick: We’ve gone the last 2 years and it’s been the 3rd weekend in September. The seaport announces it on their calendar, but I can usually find the date easier by searching for the Ocean Co. Decoy and Gunning Show.

    Speaking of *wood ducks* (Har Har) I saw a pair of decoys that were beautiful, but $600.00!!!! Youch!

    John: Thanks! See, I knew they were black ducks!

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