Decoy show

This weekend was the decoy show at the Tuckerton Seaport. My husband and I go to visit the seaport museum and look at the decoys for sale. In addition to all the stuff for sale, there are contests throughout the weekend. As usual, we missed the retrieving contests, but got to see some very wet Labs. The decoy pics from yesterday were from a *working rig* contest; this year’s bird was the Green-Winged Teal and a hen and drake were judged, each in breeding plumage and carved in contemporary style. There’s also a duck and goose calling competetion (whch was hilarious to watch) and a skeet shooting competition. We bought a few decoys (I’ll post pics another day) and had softshell crab sandwiches for lunch. Here’s some other pics from the day:

Decoys in a display at the seaport – I love decoys, but these traditional style are a favorite.

We walked past dozens of tables filled with decoys. Shorebirds are my favorite, but my husband goes for the fancy duck decoys.

Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge had a display table with this gorgeous Barred Owl. This bird is unreleasable due to injuries, but is a well-adjusted educational bird. He was also pretty sleepy-eyed. His table got more attention than the Lab puppies for sale; that made me happy to see.

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  1. Decoys are pretty cool– my mom has some antique ones. It’s surprising how valuable the good ones are.

    What a gorgeous owl! I just love the pic. He looks sweet and soft, like he would let you pet him and give him a hug.

    Sounds like you had a great time. You sure have some cool things to do where you live!

  2. Oh no, that was this weekend? We missed it again…my mother-in-law lives in Tuckerton and keeps telling us how much our dog-crazed family would enjoy the retrieving contest. If only my husband didn’t have that pesky *job*! Sigh.
    Did you add to your decoy collection this year?

  3. I love that owl. I’m hoping that we’ll actually be seeing them in the wild when we get out into the country. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  4. What a great event! I’m jealous! (And appalled at lab puppies for sale at an event like that. Blech!). My grandfather was a duck decoy artist and I’m lucky enough to have two of his decoys — they are amazing works of art. I’d have loved to see the retrieving contests!

    And, the owl — what a beauty!

  5. Susan: They had a screech owl with them also – I thought of you!

    Bunnygirl: I remember you mentioned your mom’s decoys once before. I don’t know valuable from not, but some people spend thousands!

    I’m not sure about hugging an owl – but you’re right he does look soft. Owls are all feathers, the naturalist stuck her finger down into this guy’s feathers to his breast bone – her finger was covered to the knuckle with nothing but feathers!

    Naturewoman: At the seaport there are carvers working on decoys – so neat to see. My husband and I are thinking of taking a class one of these days.

    Wendi: We missed this for three or four years before going – I’d always see the feature in the Sunday paper after it happened! We always get down there too late to see the retrievers because it’s a bit of a ride and I hate to get up early.

    Oh! We did buy two decoys. Will post pics.

    Madcap: Isn’t he beautiful? It’s such a treat to see and photograph them up close. I’ve heard Barred Owls calling many times, but have only ever seem them as a big lump in a tree somewhere off in the distance.

    -llm: There’s quite a lot about this show that makes me uncomfortable, the Lab puppies for sale being one, but I enjoy it anyway. At least these people enjoy the out of doors and can tell one duck from another! Decoy making is a great tradition and you’re lucky to have some of what your grandfather created.

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