I won ten million dollars!

No, not really. But I thought the DH and I pulled off our Halloween Costume Party ruse pretty well. People who didn’t see us arrive in the Prize Patrol truck or me carrying around the humungous $10 million check and bouquet of roses wondered what I was supposed to be with my bathrobe and hair in curlers.

My husband was perfectly happy to not have to *dress up* – wearing a suit is dressing up enough for him. A friend of ours who owns a sign shop made our props – the check, the balloons, the Prize Patrol signs for my DH’s truck. We even won a contest for the *most unique* costume – not bad considering I had no ideas until a day or two before the party!

Wish I could take credit for the idea, but I found it (and lots of other great ideas) on a site I linked to in the comments on my previous post about the costume party. If anyone is looking for last-minute ideas, that site is worth a look!

I have some more pics to share of the other partygoers, but Blogger is as cranky as ever about loading them. Maybe tomorrow!

19 thoughts on “I won ten million dollars!”

  1. Great costume idea and it was a WINNER! HA! I love it. Blogger is a stinker lately… Your posts are very unique and I look forward to them.

  2. Great idea – never would have thought of that one! Congrats on your win..what was the prize? That check looks so real, I’d take it straight to the bank…

  3. Now that was a most original idea.
    And you won for most unique. Congratulations. super. In our paper there was a suggestion:wear a pair of bunnie ears, carry a duster and go as a ‘Dust Bunnie”.That cracked me up.

  4. Mary: Thank you! I’m horribly late with saying so – sorry.

    Michelle: I do hope my brother will continue with the parties.

    Naturewoman: Thanks.

    Susan: I was impressed with it too – our sign shop friend can make just about anything.

    Susan and Bunnygirl: Thanks!

    Endment: Too bad, I know…

    Madcap: I’m still just pretending to be a grown-up.

    Lynne: I had no idea how to use those pretty pink rollers – you should have seen the knots in my hair when I took them out!

    LauraO: The prize was a bottle of wine. I would have rather won chocolate.

    Silverlight: I like that dust bunny idea! πŸ˜‰

    Sandy: I do wish! If you look at the sig on the check it says *Ugotta Prayer*!

    Patrick: I’m going to save that site for next year – lots of fun ideas.

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