Party pics of my handsome relatives

My brother Count Dracula, party host, keeper of backyard chickens. The other brother, trying to be The Fonz, with his buddy the choo-choo train engineer.
The pretty nieces. Anybody care to guess which little girl goes with which big brother? πŸ˜‰ The in-laws: Devil Lady, Pink Lady and a friend-in-law whose name I should know but don’t.

Halloween is such a non-event when you’re a grown-up. It’s nice to have a party to get dressed up for and be silly. Speaking of non-events (or of being silly), I have not seen a single trick-or-treater all day, except for a few at the office.

Sure, we got a lot done today….

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  1. Halloween IS a non-event for adults unless you care to kick the day up a notch. I walked into a classroom to deliver certificates wearing my favorite mask today and the whole room full of bored adults broke down in laughter. What a great diversion!

  2. We don’t get many kids in Condo-land either. My parents actually ran out of candy and we had to bail them out with extra Smarties.

    Good thing your “Fonz” brother was around in case anyone had a broken pinball machine. He could just elbow it and it would turn back on.

  3. Looks like a fun Halloween! Halloween is not a non-event when you work at an Elementary school. The Halloween energy was amazing yesterday! Today looks to be uhm quieter with many children absent and the others hungover on too little sleep and too much sugar. Sigh.

  4. We got very few trick-or-treaters here, too. And only ONE under twelve! I figure if you’ve been shaving for three years, it’s probably time to consider getting a job and buying your own candy.

  5. Mary: We did have some fun at work too. When saying it was a non-event, I meant how much the day has changed since I was a kid.

    Bev: We did have a good time – and yes, my brother is scary! Not!

    Susan: Aren’t they just?

    Dave: we used to get lots. I don’t know what’s happened – maybe they’re all too big now.

    Patrick: My brother – what a goofball!

    We did Endment, thanks.

    -llm.: Yes! I always liked the parade the best!

    Madcap: My pet peeve is the big kids who don’t bother to wear a costume, but come looking for candy anyway.

  6. I thought about you so much the past week and your fondness for nature. Hilton Head Island and its environs is a nature lovers paradise during the off season;unique plants, gators, beautiful birds,warmer weather than NJ and gorgeous peaceful sunsets.You really should try to visit it sometime.Too bad I couldn’t package some of it and brought it home for our winters here.

  7. Thank you anonymous boss-person. Sounds like you’re enjoying your time away. Do you miss us yet?


    Hope you took lots of pics to share!

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