Mid-week cat fix

Everyone else is doing cat-blogging, so why can’t I join in the silliness? 

; )

This is Belle. She’s a pretty cat. She runs to sit in my lap at every opportunity. She kneads my soft belly with her claws. She looks at my bunnies like they’re dangerous and might infect her with some terrible cuteness. Her breath smells like fish, usually.

How do cat people stand that?

I’m such a dog person by nature and by choice. I had cats as a kid and as an adult had taken to saying that cats were okay so long as they were other people’s cats.

; )

There’s a dog park down the street and I’m sort of haunting it in my pining for Luka and some doggy-love. I steal kisses from strange dogs I meet when out hiking. I’m developing a friendship with a lady who has four, hoping she’ll let me borrow one from time to time. I carry biscuits in my pockets and am considering a career change to professional dog-walker.

Honestly, don’t you think dog and cat people are wired differently, somehow?

Is there some book I can consult to help me understand the strange mincing about on tippy-toes they like to do first thing in the morning? Why the black one chooses to sleep curled up on the dark steps where I can easily trip on her? Why they invite me to pet their furry bellies and then attack my hand with teeth and claws? Why Belle stops mid-step and glares at me from across the room? Why they prowl around in the dark, yowling?

9 thoughts on “Mid-week cat fix”

  1. The answer to all those questions is: 1) because they are gods; and 2) because they can; and 3) refer back to # 1.

    I don’t know about the differently wired thesis–I love BOTH cats and dogs. I am an animal magnet–really. Strange animals come up to me–friends will say “Oh So-and-so never lets ANYONE touch her…” all the while I am petting said animal.

  2. I’m like KGMom. I love both of ’em, and lots of other animals, too. I think I’d be very unhappy if I didn’t share my place with a cat or two. I’d probably feel the same way about a dog, although I’ve never lived with one.

  3. We have discussed this before, and I agree with you. Dog and cat lovers are definitely wired differently. I too am a dog lover and have no feelings toward cats. Anna and Linda have tried, but it just hasn’t happened…Miss you!!!

  4. Just so you know…your boyfriend comes from a dog family. We had dogs growing up and we all love them. This weird cat thing of his began much later in his life. He’s really a dog person under the cats. Belle is pretty sweet though…

  5. Being a crazy cat lady, I must agree with KGMom and Rabbit’s Guy. :o)

    Speaking personally, cat and dog people can be wired differently. I don’t dislike dogs, but I’ll take a houseful of cats over one dog any day.

    (I may actually have a serious answer for the nocturnal prowling/yowling: find out if they are carrying a favorite toy when they do this. I have two very different cats that carry their prey/trophies around while emitting a distinctive call. I’ve always thought it was some kind of hunting/”come see” lesson; whatever it is, it is wired in. Makes sense that Pearl, who has had at least one litter, does it but Franklin was only about four weeks old when kidnapped and he’s been dragging his sock around calling to show off his prowess for the last 16 years…)

    Alas, even after years of experience with a lot of cats I’m still trying to figure out the pet-my-belly-so-I-can-rip-your-hand-off business…

    “Because I’m the cat, that’s why.”

  6. I’m definitely a dog person by nature. One of the biggest reasons? Dogs do not ever jump on the kitchen counters. Dogs can be trained to behave. And perhaps most important…dogs need us.

  7. I grew up with cats as a kid which is probably why I prefer them to dogs. We feed ours dry food so it never has stinky breath. The fur never stinks like a dogs can and they are easier to take care of. They do like to wake you up at 4am in the morning once in a while.

    I like dogs too but they have to be friendly and clean.-

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