12/14/06 Mid-week bunny fix

For the past couple of years I’ve done a Christmas Card Swap with other members of the PetBunny email group; most years there are about 40 people who exchange cards. Most often the cards have *bunnies* as a theme, but as you can imagine these are hard to come by at Christmastime, so instead some people make beautiful handmade cards or send photos. Sometimes people will also send along a little gift with the card.

This year I decided to send refrigerator magnets with my cards. I made the mosaic above from some favorite pics on Flickr and asked a friend of my husband’s (who owns a sign shop) to print up the magnets for me. We got them tonight and they turned out beautifully, plus he did them for free! Now I just need to find some nice bunny cards to mail them in.

The card swap is one of my favorite things about the PetBunny list – most of the members are total strangers to me, but we all share a fondness for pet rabbits. Each Christmas the bunnies here get more cards than my husband and I do!

12 thoughts on “12/14/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. Magnets! What a great idea! Shutterfly makes them, I see. Hmm…

    As an FYI, this is my second year to make a Tidbit calendar on Shutterfly. They’re about $20 apiece, but very excellent quality, and I bought some for my whole family this year.

    Nothing like having YOUR bunnies on the calendar you put on the wall at your office. It’s an instant smile, no matter how the day is going.

  2. Wonderful tradition and giftie! How fun! I have friends that I made 15 years ago on Newsgroups for Labrador fanciers that are still good friends today! I have also made strong connections with friends who had children due the same month mine were due. We were on Mom Mailing Lists together and still are — although my kids are 8 and nearly 7 now. And, now blogging is leading to new connections. Amazing!

  3. Those are just precious. I’m sure your group will love getting them. I wish I had thought of something like that for my family. They are all in love with my 6 cats, so a magnet or something like it would have been a great gift.

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