Anniversary day

Today is our wedding anniversary – 13 years ago I was at the most expensive party I barely remember! I picked out a few of my favorite photos to share – bear with me as I reminisce. It was so cold on that Friday night when we were married.
I arrived at the church in the traditional way, but my husband and his groomsmen came on the back of a firetruck – too bad there’s no pics of that!
Our church was gorgeous – a friend of mine says that to this day it was the most beautiful wedding she has ever been to. There were candles burning in the windows and the pews were decorated with sprigs of pine and gold bows that a friend from work made for me. We also had the church bell-ringers playing carols while the guests waited for the show to start.
Detail of my flowers (white roses, stephanotis, and holly with just a few red berries) and dress (off the rack on sale!) and beautiful wedding rings. I remember being totally surpised by the cold and people tossing rice at us as we left the church – this is one of my favorite pics of the day.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! You’re a beautiful bride – you photos remind me of the bride photo of your Mom.
    Don’t you love the wedding dress off the rack sale? I hit a going out of business sale with my friend (she was getting married for a second time) and I found a model dress with beading (my dream dress) for at a great marked-down price.

  2. Happy Anniverary Laura! What wonderful memories! It was lovely to *hear* you describe your day. That pic of your Dad helping you out of the limo just made me smile :))

    Hope you have a spectacular evening!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You were a lovely bride, and I just love those photos. Smart idea, to marry around Christmas when the decorating is already done for you!

  4. Happy anniversary, Laura!

    Absolutely beautiful: Church, rings, bouquet, YOU.

    Is that a saphhire in your wedding ring?

    I liked the part about DH arriving in a firetruck!
    (Geoff and I drove off to begin our lives together in my Dodge pickup!)

  5. Happy anniversary! flip the numbers in your 13 years and you have the number of years we have been married. My niece is getting married on Saturday,very close to Christmas, but the decorating theme was not difficult. Bell ringers playing carols…I would love to hear that.

  6. A day late, Laura, but Happy Anniversary! The photos are lovely and I really like your “off the rack” dress. I had the same type of neckline and lace torso. Like Ruth, I flip your years, too 🙂 By celebrating 13 or 31 years, we are statistics!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Laura! Such a handsome couple and a proud father. The church looks like it had a beautiful atmosphere.

  8. Naturewoman: Thanks. I tried very hard not to spend too much money foolishly. Was lucky to find the dress I had picked from a magazine on the rack in my size. It was marked down as the *floor model* – but who cares when the original cost thousands!

    Michelle: Hi! My dad had a lot of fun that night and as usual didn’t want to see the party end – but my DH and I were anxious to get on our way!

    We’re not the type to *celebrate* really – did holiday stuff and had lunch at Perkins like a couple of old folks.

    Bunnygirl: Exactly!

    Susan: Thank you! No saphire in my ring – just the most perfect emerald-cut diamond ever!

    Wish there were pics of the firetruck. ;-(

    Dave: Thanks.

    Silverlight: Merry Anniversary to you too!

    Samtzmom: Thanks.

    Ruth: Your niece picked a nice time of year. The bell-ringers were something really special and festive.

    Mary: 13 years doesn’t sound like very long – feels like it’s always been so – just right!

    Liza: Thanks.

    John and Mike: Thanks guys!

    Sandy: All we needed was some snow.

    Bev: Thanks, it was very pretty.

    Madcap, Pam, Lynne, and Susan: Thank you all for the well-wishes. If we had it to do over again, I don’t think I would change much, except for all the worrying I did before hand.

  9. I am late to the party, but I would like to wish you a Happy Anniversary too. Your wedding looks so lovely, and you look like a beautiful and very happy bride. It’s easy to see how in love the two of you are.

  10. These pictures make my heart glow. The commitment to love, to a life shared. Everything so attuned to best that we humans may be.

  11. Happy Anniversary ! I remember that day as well 13 years ago. Jeepers, how time flies. I guess you ARE all grown up. I remember riding on the back of the firetruck in a tux. Pretty cool. Sure beats a limo any day. I think Brian liked it even more, being the “kicker-mickel” that he is.

  12. Robin: Thank you – never too late!

    Cathy: We were very young to look so committed – you should see us together now!

    Kev: Do you have any pics of the firetruck ride? Why aren’t there pics?

    I was going to post the poem you wrote and made everybody cry with.

  13. We’ve been married 13 years, too, and I congratulate all four of us for sticking it out. You look terrific. What a dress! Mine was not only off the rack; it was a floor model and I had to have it cleaned and taken in like crazy. But it was perfect for me–ballet length, with a bodice that looks very much like yours. One of these days I’m going to pull it out and see if I can still get into it. Ever done that?
    Thanks for sharing your wedding day. What a lovely idea.

  14. and what a beautiful wedding it was. you guys look so young. happy anniversary, how did i not remember to wish you a happy….where did you go to dinner?

  15. Belated congratulations to you and the groom. Lovely photos!

    There are pictures from my wedding day on one of the earlier newdharmabums posts. Much less elegant, but this was my third! I admire you for having a lasting marriage.

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