“Just Brant”

“If you can awaken inside the familiar and discover it new, you need never leave home.” – Ted Kooser

I don’t know where my mind is at lately, but it’s certainly not on the familiar. I suppose many people enjoy this season of rest from the outdoors and are happy to curl up on the sofa day after day, but I don’t. I have cabin-fever and it’s only early January. The routine of everday, the normality and sameness of it is making me cranky. I think it must partly be because there’s been no real change in the weather since late October; I’d like for it to either be cold and snowy or to get on with Spring already! I’m in no hurry for the Spring, really I love winter, but this is not winter as I love it.

The boredom and crankiness I feel is the fault of my own lack of imagination, I know. Sometimes it’s hard to find anything to be inspired about. Getting out on the weekends is the best thing I can do for myself, but the effect doesn’t last long enough to see me through the week. Maybe I just need to eat more ice-cream or something. Who knows.

So. The birds in this pic are Brant. Familiar geese that winter on the coast. They breed in the high Arctic, and while they look an awful lot like Canada Geese, they don’t have the white cheek patch or pale breast. Plus they’re much smaller and don’t spend their days on corporate office lawns. Are they familiar to any of you? Would you drive past them on the bay and say, “Just Brant”? I’m guilty… I do.

12 thoughts on ““Just Brant””

  1. Hopefully I will soon Laura! I’m still figuring out the different geese here.
    I am so restless I could scream! It’s not just you – I want to work outside, to start pruning and fluffing old mulch and laying new mulch. It’s supposed to snow tonight – yay! And if so I won’t travel too far tomorrow and will take a walk in the woods again.

  2. I’m not sure when snow will be on a forecast down here. So far, we had flurries once. It sure does not seem like winter at all. I mean, I enjoy warm weather in its proper time, but I like to have a good dose of winter, too.

    Love the brant, though.

  3. I have never seen a Brant, so I will jump up and down in an excited manner and then faint.
    I have been going out a heck of a lot more this winter than others, just because it’s been so warm. If this was a normal year, I would be right with you on the cabin fever.

  4. We are all cranky, let’s face it! We aren’t snowed in, the weather is kind, but it’s WINTER for crying out loud! I haven’t seen Brant. Not being close to waterways, I’m at a disadvantage – another cause for crankiness. And talking about *cranky*… Blogger gave me a 3 hour run-around tonight but I won the battle, Thank you. When you are cranky, Laura, you are still a joy.

  5. I’ve never seen a Brant either, but I like the looks of it! This winter has felt odd, restless is a good word. Ice cream helps alot of things!

  6. Oh! big dittos to all your friends above. “Never seen a Brant – would jump up and down and faint. It is WINTER for crying out loud! . . . like to have a good dose of winter. (2 days worth:0) When you are cranky you’re still a joy.”
    AND my own contribution: The Kooser quote is so lovely, so poignantly true. The trick is being in that moment of rapturous attention to the gift of every day occurences. Not so easy when you’re feeling cranky :0)

  7. Nope, Laura, to me, Brant is an EXOTIC! 🙂 But, I get the crankiness and cabin-fever-ishness. We are starting to see signs of spring here but we usually do in the winter anyway. I saw a yard full of daffodils yesterday. That was a little weird in January — we usually wait until February for those! 🙂

  8. We saw Brants for the first time last year on Port Townsend Bay. We were very excited about it. Such a pretty bird.

    Yes to having cabin fever and feeling bored. We’ve had the grayest and wettest winter here, already, and it’s only January. When it starts to really get me down, I make myself do something– like put on music and dance, or get out my Photoshop training videos and learn some new technique, and then practice that technique on everything!

  9. Brant are a species which I have never come across! These would be lifers for me and I probably would distroy my breaks trying to get a peak at them!

  10. I seem to be the only one who does not mind this winter! I am happy to be able to tramp around the woods with my camera.

    Laura, even if Brants are everyday to you, the shot you took of them is good–very graceful.

  11. Brants beautiful, simple and beautiful. Ms. NJ sounds like you have the midwinter after the holiday blues. How bout a good, “take me away”, book. In no time that inspiration will sneak back up on you. Whats this first snowflakes in NY?!! Looks like yours are on the way!!

  12. I can relate. I have a bad case of cabin fever as well. It’s difficult to concentrate and I find myself on the verge of crabbiness. I am really looking forward to spring.

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