Two things meme

from Laura at Natural Notes 3:

two names you go by: Laura and Sweetie
two parts of your heritage: Pennsylvania Dutch and German
two things that scare you: fire and going to the dentist
two everyday essentials: Carmex lip balm and coffee
two things you are wearing right now: jeans and ridiculous slipper socks with pom-poms on the toe
two of your favorite current bands/artists: Little Big Town and Luka Bloom
two things you want in a relationship (other than love): laughter and shared values
two favorite hobbies: being outdoors and reading
two things you have to do this week: get ready for the start of Spring semester and clean up Xmas clutter
two stores you shop at: Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods
two favorite sports: people-watching and surfing (the net)
two shows you like to watch: Without a Trace and Real Time with Bill Maher
two things you’d buy if money were no object: nothing comes to mind right away!

two wishes for 2007: happiness and less stress

10 thoughts on “Two things meme”

  1. Sweetie being reserved for hubby, right?
    You are so lucky to have a Whole Foods store in your area. I’ve been writing to them and Wild Oats for years about getting at least one in upstate NY and they always respond with “no current plans to build in your area.” I can find Whole Foods in the middle of nowhereville but not anywhere in upstate NY. Enjoy it!
    It’s fun learning more about you Laura!

  2. It sounds as if you are content. We have quite a few of those list items in common, I switched from Carmex to Lip Venom though.

  3. Agree with “Sweetie” and we share some heritage. I’m a Heinz 57 but have .25 Pennsylvania Dutch and .25 German. You’ll learn the others later. I agree with your 2007 wishes – less stress. Good to know you better, Sweetie!

  4. You mean you wouldn’t buy a five foot diameter staghorn fern in a hanging basket to have in the tree next to your porch? I would…

    This is a manageable meme if ever there was one- and I like your answers. Me too, on fire and dentist.

    Hey! Whose rabbit nose is it?

  5. Vicki: Sorry to leave you on the edge of your seat about the bunny nose. *grin*

    I’m currently fighting to get the Good Planets post together for tomorrow.

    All the pictures are loaded, but my fr*&^%in email won’t let me access the saved messages that have all the info about each pic. I think I may just need to make up my own stories for the pics!

    It’s Cricket’s nose.

  6. Hi Sweetie! It’s really fun reading your answers. I’ve moved on from Carmex to Burt’s Bees lip balm. I still have to get rid of the Christmas decorations too. It’s funny how everyone wants to help decorate but they all disappear when it’s time to put it all away!

  7. Naturewoman: I go to Whole Foods for their produce and their salad bar – the best!

    They’re too expensive for everyday shopping, otherwise.

    Laurie: I can’t imagine anything working better than carmex. Never heard of Lip Venom.

    FC: They’re not really warm or stylish!

  8. Ahhh Bird/animal/bunnie lover…answer this…if u really care for these mute helpless creatures….are u a vegetarian??

    Lol…only then your sympathies are well justified.

    Oh- BTW…love Whole foods too…lucky to have in our neighborhood…but then..every upscale store and market (kings) is here where i live..
    For the taxes I pay here…Whole Foods should give us produce of the earth for free,…lol
    Wishful thinking;)


  9. PNB: Welcome!

    Did you stop by just to make me feel bad?

    If I were a vegetarian, would I be doing enough then to stop the suffering of animals?

    What are you doing?

    Please do more than just drive by and leave bad feelings in your wake. Comment often, please, so that I may get to know you better, and won’t be forced to judge you so unfairly as you seem to have done me.

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