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I’ve put aside (given up hope for) that gorgeous tree sampler cross-stitch I showed you a while ago and instead started something else (sound familiar?)

I found another design (something entirely different) online and special ordered the charts and special ordered the fabric and just finally this past week received everything I needed to get started. I’m good at starting – not so good at ever finishing.

So in an effort to stay on track and use the power of peer pressure (maybe it will help) I’m going to post a photo of my progress every month or so. My goal is to spend an hour at it each day. What you see here represents about 5 hours work, most of it done well after any normal person has gone to bed. Stitching when the rest of the house is dark doesn’t help my eyes, but it’s a handy excuse for my sloppy stitches, plus the quiet helps me concentrate. That and a bunny snuggled along beside me on the floor.

With the idea of keeping these posts marginally interesting to anyone but myself, I won’t be sharing the whole design with you or telling you what it’s supposed to be. You can watch it develop as I stitch it. For those of you that don’t stitch, that’s part of what makes it fun, but also what makes it so frustratingly tiresome. You stitch and stitch and spend hours and your work looks like nothing. Then all at once the design comes together and it’s at that point that I’m motivated to continue with it. I could use your help in getting to that point.

Hours this update/total to date: 5/5

14 thoughts on “Stitch count”

  1. Laura, I think you’ll have enough peer pressure here to keep you moving on it. Keep the bunnies with you for an hour a night and give us a view. I’ll remember to ask on the progress of your project!

    I don’t do stitching. Never really learned, so I’m interested to see the finale. Did you get your magnified eyeglasses?

  2. I admire that you have the dexterity and ability to do something like this. I love seeing the finished product, but have never had the desire or talent to do it myself.

  3. Laura, this looks very pretty already and I can’t wait to see your progress and to find out what the design is! I’ll be here to encourage you the whole way. It’s tough near the end – I know very well. I was thinking about getting some stitching out again, because it is very relaxing.

  4. I really didn’t know that bunnies would snuggle up against you. That is so sweet I can hardly stand it:0)

    How do you teach, take care of fur kids and do as much as you do creatively ? You are a dynamo. If you’re stitching late into the night – you must be getting by on limited sleep.
    It’ll be fun to watch your progress.

  5. There’s nothing like when the Long-Eared Ones flop down length-wise against your leg, is there?

    But I’m with Susan– wouldn’t your bunnies nibble the embroidery thread?

    Good luck with your project. I’ve always loved sewing, knitting, and anything of that nature. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. So I’ll enjoy your project vicariously, instead!

  6. Yes, starting is easy… finishing… not so much. If it makes you feel any better, I have a bag full of partially finished things from my days in college. I will cheer you on Laura as this pretty design unfolds! You GO GIRL!

  7. Those stitches sure don’t look sloppy to me. And you’re not alone in starting but not finishing – it’s the nature of the beast. But we’ll keep you going.

  8. My propensity for starting projects and not finishing them drives my partner crazy. I think it’s because highly intelligent and creative minds are easily distracted!

    Niblet doesn’t usually lay next to me unless I’m doing homework; then he tries to eat my books.

  9. What a tease you are! I’m the queen of UFOs but I made good headway on my sweater this weekend while flying and I also picked up some larger count cross stitch fabric while at home in Chicago for my F.L. Wright window pattern. I’ll be watching for your progress posts on this one! Looks good so far- and how nice to have a bunny snuggle up with you.

  10. Mary: I’m holding off on the granny glasses, but do need a better light for stitching.

    Laurie: There really isn’t any talent involved – just persistence.

    Naturewoman: You ought to – then we can harass each other!

    FC: A fish net? A bug net?

    Cathy: Two of the bunnies are very snuggly in the evenings. They’re a joy!

    Susan: No – believe it or not. They’re more interested in being petted between stitches.

    Maybe that’s what takes me so long.

    Bunnygirl: Thanks – I hope to get it done someday.

    Silverlight: How different is needlepoint? I love how colorful it is.

    Jayne: Thanks, we’ll see.

    LauraO: I need a cheering section with this, thanks!

    Delia: Paper in all forms is irresitible to bunnies, I know.

    I like your excuse for not finishing stuff!

    Liza: I’ve been good so far at spending about an hour. Tonight and tomorrow with school will be tough.

    Vicki: Hope you’ll post some pics!

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