Water lily

How significant that the rich, black mud of our dead stream produces the water lily; out of that fertile slime springs this spotless purity! It is remarkable that those flowers which are the most emblematical of purity should grow in the mud.
– Henry David Thoreau, from a journal entry

I felt like looking at water lilies today, so I’m posting this pic from last summer of one that grows in my little pond. I’ve forgotten the name, but water lilies tend to be mislabeled when I buy them anyway. It’s beautiful, that’s enough!

My guilty pleasure for the day was going to a bookstore during my lunch hour. I bought a charming book of nature quotes, poetry, short essays, and watercolors called Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence published by Heron Dance Press. Their books are beautiful and I snatch them up whenever I come across one. Heron Dance also has a website that you might like to explore.

13 thoughts on “Water lily”

  1. Beautiful lily, Laura! Mine were yellow/white last year. I’ll look for pink this time around. I didn’t do anything for pleasure today except scatter seed for the birds on campus. The office job get in the way, you know 🙂 But I look forward to tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Lynne. I wish I could paint. My brother got that talent.

    Laurie: I’m a quote and poetry collector, so it’s right up my alley.

    Monarch: I look forward to the first lilies right around my birthday. Such easy plants to grow.

    Mary: Those darn jobs getting in the way! Scattering seed for the birds is a nice thing to do – I have a link I need to remember to send you for establishing a bluebird network at a worksite. Please remind me! Do you have nestboxes on your campus?

    Susan: Start with something small – 1,000 gallons or so!

    z: Done, thanks.

    Jayne: Is it too soon to count the days?

    Somebunny: Nice to know someone is productive during lunch!

    Delia: Glad you liked it. Bunny-fix is up!

    Endment: I’m surprised you don’t already have this one. Hope you like it.

    Jessie: Thanks and yes!

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