2/21/07 Mid-week bunny fix

Mr. Bean – ATB 2/21/04

I’m overly sentimental about my rabbits. That’s probably true for plenty of us when it comes to our pets, but for lots of people the definition of *pet* doesn’t extend far enough to include rabbits. I figure that’s only because they haven’t had the chance to fall under the spell of a long-eared companion yet. Lots of people don’t *get* how or why you’d keep a rabbit in the house, or keep a rabbit as a pet at all. Sure, they get into trouble and you have to mind their teeth on your furniture and electrical cords, but that’s easy enough to do. Having a house rabbit is a lot like living with a puppy that never grows up; there’s occasional puddles and they’ll chew the laces right off your sneakers if you leave them under the coffee table, but what’s not to love about the exuberance of a puppy, despite the havoc they cause?

Not all rabbits are so loveable, depending on their breed or temperament. Some have been abused or mishandled or ignored and never really get over it, but we love them despite the huge chip they carry on their shoulders. Often these are the ones who appreciate the chance at a new lifestyle the most, even if they won’t show it. They box and lunge and try to bite, but they dance while they think you’re not looking. They pretend to be ferocious even as they melt beneath a kind hand that touches them with love.
Mr. Bean, in the photo above, was loveable from the start and remained so for all of his short life. He was the first of my rabbits that I fell totally in love with and I still think of him and the ways he endeared himself to my husband and I. He’s still safe in my heart all these years later.

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  1. First thought, “Zebra Bunny Mix”. LOL!

    Laura, I’m falling in love with bunnies, your’s in particular. If I thought they’d be good fit in my house with two “ratters”, I’d have one.

    Your post is so loving and shows you know them well. “Bean” is my daughter’s nickname. Bella’s middle name is “Bean”. “Bean”, an endearing name for someone you love.

  2. You have beautiful “ramblings”…love Mr. Bean here too. I used to have rabbits. I had a gorgeous blue eyed white angora once…Daisy. I remember having a brown and white in our backyard as a young teen and one of the neighbor’s dogs got it…that was such a sad day for me. It was just instinct on the dog’s part, but I’ll never forget finding that empty cage and knowing what had happened. It had just started to trust me and it was like losing a new friend.
    Nice you keep yours in the house!

  3. Mary: I love this picture of my sun-striped Bean! His real name was *Jelly Bean*, but usually I called him Mr. Bean or Jelly-Belly-Bean! What a love he was. How many different names do you have for your dogs? *grin*

    Betzie: Thanks for stopping by! Lots of people have those sort of stories around backyard bunnies. Good reason for them to be inside, IMO.

  4. “Overly sentimental?” I don’t understand. When it comes to bunnies, there’s just no such thing.

    Wishing Mr. Bean binkies and carrot tops at the bridge!

  5. Mr. Bean looks so lovely and his photo is amazing,too! How many rabbits do you have as a pet in your house? In my yard we have many wild rabbits, but they are very shy.

    I want to thank you for your visit and the nice words about my Mom’s photos! Sure, it’s correct the phrase in Portuguese! Well done!

  6. Our neighbor has a bunny that she brings outside when the weather warms up. This bunny knows me, and I visit him almost everyday. He thumps on his cage when he sees me, so I go talk to him, bring him carrot curls and freshen his water. Maybe I will bunny-nap him someday, if I think my neighbor isn’t paying enough attention to him!

  7. I agree with bunnygirl–no such thing as being “overly sentimental.” I often feel like I just can’t love my little boy enough! I often call Niblet “son” (he’s the only male in a house full of female cats and women), and then I lengthened that to “son, moon, and stars.” I just love him!

  8. Laura- you explained perfectly why people love bunnies. When we brought Buddy home, I never dreamed we would all fall so crazy in love with him.
    “melt beneath a kind hand” Buddy goes all flat, as if the air all leaked out of him when he’s getting a good rub.

    I get it.

  9. I get why having a bunny is so appealing but I didn’t until I had one. Sadly, we only had her briefly. My ex-brother-in-law had one for his kids. She was an outdoor bunny and when he decided (after many years) that he couldn’t keep her, we took her. She was with us for a few weeks and my only consolation is that we gave her a much better home than she’d had before. What amazed me was how quickly I grew to love her and how much I missed her when she was gone. Quite a lot of personality in such a little critter. My morning ritual with her was to go out to feed the dogs and give her fresh food and water. She wasn’t a people bunny but she looked for me in the mornings and we had our little routine. I still miss her. But, I suspect I’m allergic to bunnies so inside is out of the question and I don’t want to get another one to live in the backyard.

  10. Oh Laura, you know how I loved Mr. Bean too even though I never met him. And that has got to be one of my all time favorite pics of him – I love the one of him laying on the shelf under the table too!

    Bunnies are true delights – even though Jack is eating my baseboard as I type this LOL.

  11. Overly sentimental? No such thing when it comes to the four-leggeds. Nice photo of Mr. Bean – he looks rather contented in that picture.

  12. Laurie: Most of the time they are, but they do have their moments!

    Sonia: Thanks for coming by!

    Jayne: Thanks – this is a favorite pic of him.

    KGMom: Maybe just bunny-nap him for a day visit now and again?

    I’m not sure how exactly to feel about outdoor bunnies – when done right I think they can be very happy. My Boomer and Cricket lived outdoors because the rescue didn’t have room inside for them and I think they were very happy that way – they had leaves to play in and dirt to make tunnels – fun things that I don’t allow them.

    Delia: I love that *son, moon, and stars*!

    Lynne: Yes! They get like pancakes.

    Liza: They do grow on you and they do have personalities!

    Interesting that you mention allergies. My DH is having issues lately, we’re not sure, but suspect it’s the hay rather than the rabbits themselves. Their fur can be very irritating to my skin and eyes – only certain bunnies though!

    Michelle: I have so few pictures of him. ;-(

    Mine aren’t much into baseboards – more often it’s the edges of rugs and the legs of the wicker chairs.

    Love em anyway!

    LauraO: Thanks – he knew how handsome he was, I think.

    Susan: Some will dance more when they hear you laugh at them. I have this routine with Boomer and Cricket in the morning where I ask them to dance for their breakfast. They dance and leap sideways to make me giggle and to get their pellets.

    I have 5 now (Missy, Freckles, Boomer and Cricket, and Peeper) and have lost 3 (Peanut, Mr. Bean, and Dora) – so that makes 8 since the first bunny in 2001.

  13. OMG. My Hayley went to the Rainbow Bridge exactly one year ago LAST YEAR. She had stopped eating due to a bunch of fluid in her gut. Because I was busy with my software team in town (12 hours at work) and my DH (you can bet that D is not for DEAR) was not paying attention to her eating habits, needless to say, she died in my arms around 9PM-ET. I think her face actually looks like my ceramic bunny, Susan. Bunny hugs to you to honor that special day of good-bye.

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