Spring is good

“Every year back spring comes, with nasty little birds, yapping their fool heads off and the ground all mucked up with plants.” – Dorothy Parker

That quote makes me laugh, but I’m sure there are those who would agree, scary as that is. Spring seems to be trying to make up for its late start in the span of a few days; the weather has been more summer-like than spring-like and the birds and insects are out in force and the flowering trees are putting on a lovely show. The robins are singing their sunset chorus now as I type. I can look forward to a mockingbird serenade when I head to bed around midnight. The chickadees have filled their nestbox in the Magnolia with moss and other soft plant fibers in anticipation of eggs. Today, my Serviceberry bloomed. Spring is good.

20 thoughts on “Spring is good”

  1. You must be lightheaded, Laura! I’m so happy Spring is there for you. It’s been a long, long time coming. From heat to air conditioning suddenly? That’s OK! It happens.

  2. Mary: Speaking of it, my office was 80 some degrees on Friday and near 50 on Monday. It’s sweater weather again!

    Everything is very pretty here now.

    Lynne: Yea, it made me chuckle too.

  3. The quote is funny. I can just imagine the type of people who would say something like that. Spring is coming on at warp speed, making up for lost time!

  4. Darned spring and it’s vain inclination for renewal and fruitless promise of hope. Cackling birds building their stupid nests in the gutter, so that I have to worry about them every time it rains. And yes, those annoying plants – mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, pulling weeds. Spring is my least favorite time of the year, right behind winter, summer and fall… 😉

  5. The quote coming from Dorothy Parker fits her exactly. Known for her caustic wit, she was a lifelong NYC resident. Perhaps her encounters with birds & plants there did not delight her!
    The birds & plants are delighting us. The morning chorus of birds begins EARLY–I was out at 4:20 Tues morning and the chorus was in full swing at that time!
    But I agree–the jump from cold to hot was a bit much. I like a gradual progression.

  6. Interesting thread here…Deb at Sand Creek Almanac posted a quote about people who avoid wonder. You have a quote about people who dislike the noise and mess of Spring. I must be a little soft in the head. I love to be filled with wonder at the miracle of Spring.

    I’m glad to hear your robins are singing. Mine in Massachusetts are still quiet even though I see what looks like mating activity and I’ve started to worry a little.

  7. Classic Parker line. What a card she was!

    Thanks for the spring post; the weather here has gone from 80s and sun to 50s and dark clouds just waiting to spill their contents onto us. I just hope I get to till up my veggie patch this weekend!

  8. Thank God Spring is here! But—- I heard there was snow in Colorado last night.

    We are colder here again, too. I washed windows this morning, but later had to put the heat on just a bit to warm up the house.

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