4/25/07 Mid-week bunny-butt fix

You might recognize this pic of Cricket’s butt, as I’ve posted it before, but it’s a favorite and well… I don’t have any others right now. I gave my final exam tonight and I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief that the semester is very nearly over. I took Friday off from work to go on a special birding trip, but I’m afraid it may be canceled because of the rainy weather for the next few days and instead of birding I’ll end up spending the day grading exams. That would be a waste of a day off! The spring peepers are very happy with the rain and were calling loudly from the pond across the street from the college parking lot as I left school tonight.

15 thoughts on “4/25/07 Mid-week bunny-butt fix”

  1. Awwww . . . that’s the cutest little butt!

    I led my post today with another species’ butt:0)

    Yes, migration is at a halt here, too, because of the cold rain. Ah, well . . .

    Hang in there.

  2. We all love BUTTS! I broke into a loud giggle at the first sight of that little bunny butt.

    Maybe the weather will change and you’ll be off the hook for grading papers on Friday.

  3. I join the chorus of your readers who love the bunny butt. So cute–legs out, tail down.
    HURRAY for the semester being over–I can hardly wait. I have another week + final exam. Students are giving speeches, so I don’t have to talk (much).
    But then come the research papers & the final exams–grade, grade, grade.
    I hope for your sake the rain holds off & you get to make your birding trip.

  4. Your bunny’s butt is just so cute!
    Great picture Laura, it makes me smile. :o)

    I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow.


  5. Funny, bunny botthum. Way too cute.
    The bunny posts are aiding in drawing bunnies. I will post a pic later this year.

  6. Boy, there’s nothing better than the end of a semester for a teacher. Whew! Congrats!

    I love those spring peepers–so cute!

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