Send in the clowns

We bought one of those gazebo thingies to put out by the pond and I need some convincing that it doesn’t look like a circus tent. It doesn’t, does it?

We have a nice-sized yard and the pond is a beautiful area, but it’s in the blazing sun and surrounded by rock and stone and is really the last place on earth that you want to spend any amount of time on a hot summer’s day. So my thinking is that this way we can have some shade and a few comfortable chairs and even some protection against the famous Jersey mosquitoes if we want to sit out there in the evening. Based on a test run late this afternoon I can also tell you that it’ll be a fabulous spot for a nap, with the sound of the water lulling you off into dreamland.

I think this is our sixth summer with the pond and we’re still not finished. Each year we tweak a little something to get it to where we want it to be. This gazebo is another step in that direction, I think. You might have noticed that we removed most of the fence from around the pond – except for the bit that faces the street. I’m nervous about that, but both my husband and I hated it and it really detracted from our enjoyment of the pond, plus it stuck out like a sore thumb. This way we have an unobstructed view from inside the house and from the screen patio. Anyone who is inclined to wander too close to the pond will have to walk through the middle of our yard in order to do it – hopefully no one will. We live on a quiet street, but have a lot of visitors parking beside our house because of a luncheonette on the opposite corner. The pond is something of a magnet, but I hope people’s better sense will prevail and they’ll stay on the street side of the fence.

The weather here has been much more like the 4th of July than Memorial Day. We went ahead and put up the awnings, which help to keep the house cool, but make it dark like a cave. I miss the sun streaming through the windows, but it’s been uncomfortably hot these past few days. I have just a few days left of vacation and intend to be very lazy and put the new circus tent to good use!

19 thoughts on “Send in the clowns”

  1. It looks lovely and inviting — but hopefully only to invited friends and guests, not the people from the luncheonette!

    Let’s hear it for a shady nap on a warm (hot!) spring (summerlike) day.

    Wayne, PA

  2. It’s beautiful, Laura. If I wanted to enjoy the pond, I’d have one, too. We can see the pond from our sunroom and I can also see it from the kitchen sink. But, it’s in full, blazing sun, too, and there are times when I really don’t want to go out there to feed the fish.

    It’s hot. Too warm for Memorial Day. Dry, too. Terrible drought. So I enjoy the pond view in the evenings.

    Enjoy your days off to the max! Put nice lounge chair in that gazebo and nap now and then :o)

  3. i agree, it looks lovely and inviting. Keep that netting closed, though! I have one of these gazebo things, but it is square. They do make for a nice shady spot to hang out. Good buy!

  4. I think the tent looks lovely.
    I mean the gazebo.
    : )
    Seriously, it looks like a great place to take in the sights and sounds.
    Please tell Geoff that we could have many fond memories built around a pond in OUR yard.

    I wouldn’t worry about anyone traipsing through your yard to get to the pond. Someone would have to REALLY want to get in there.

  5. It does not look like a circus tent to me. I think such a structure would be useful. Having grown up in New Jersey, I agree that the mosquitos can be quite fierce in some areas.

  6. It looks like a very nice gazebo to me, and a cool shady spot! The only concern about people “finding” your pond might be zoning regulations. Here a pond in your front yard can be no deeper than 18 inches (for the safety of children I assume). Enjoy that lovely gazebo!

  7. Not a circus tent at all–that would be painted red & white–no? I like it. And the screen to foil mosquitos is a good idea.
    Aren’t outdoor projects grand–put in a pond, then tweak it for years to come. I know just what you mean–not a pond, but our flower pots get reworked by me every year.

  8. I think it looks great! And as KGMom pointed out, it would have to be painted to look like a circus tent.

    I like the idea of something like that near a pond. You’re making your yard quite a haven!

  9. Looks not at all like a circus tent! It makes me want to go there… with a tonic & lime… and a small dish of Wheat Thins… and nothing to do…

  10. My first thought when I looked at your photo was “what a very lovely, inviting spot” even before I read your post. It looks wonderful Laura and I am sure you all will get so much enjoyment out of it.

  11. What a beautiful spot you’ve created Laura. The gazebo/pergola does not look like a circus tent at all! I must search your blog for more pictures of your pond..your description of constantly tweeking it hit home. We’ve been doing the same this weekend, tweaking our pond..and waiting for a cloudy day to do it. Looks like we have our wish today.
    PS.. the Bride’s box is used for keeping special momentoes’s quite large and would hold a veil, or a garter, a dried bouquet..etc. Thank you for your sweet comments on it.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day Laura..Enjoy your new gazebo.

  12. It doesn’t look like a circus tent at all. It looks like a lovely place to sit and listen to the sounds of a summer afternoon.

    OMG! I remember those Jersey mosquitoes. They’re the worst.

  13. Looks like a nice place to read a good book. If it were mine, you would have trouble getting me to do anything. You couldn’t get me out of the gazebo. Enjoy!

  14. I’m with Jennifer regarding the gin/tonic and wheat thins plan. Oh that does look so perfect for kicking back and listening to pond sounds. It’s lovely, Laura!

  15. I think yout gazebo is neat. More like an Edwardian parasol.
    Nice place to sit and read or do other nice things.

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