Purple martins

I’ve only this random photo to share today – a few of the purple martins at the small colony maintained in a local park by a volunteer. I drive by the park on my way to and from work, but never had the time to stop and see if there were any martins occupying the apartments. I was glad to find them instead of starlings. It surprises me because I’ve always had the idea that martins will only nest close to water – sure there’s a reservoir within a few miles – but it’s hardly close. I love that all of the apartments and gourds are numbered so that each couple knows its’ own address.


I’m off to sulk about the end of my vacation now.

8 thoughts on “Purple martins”

  1. I can’t believe that I’ve never seen a Purple Martin-It’s one of those birds that has just eluded me or vice versa.-pretty neat apartment complex!

  2. Loved the chipmunk below. We don’t have those here 🙁

    Sorry your vacation ends, but at least you have your new position at work to look forward to.

  3. Hey, those are cool! And I love the little martin addresses. Now they just need some junk mail and they’ll be like any one of us!

  4. I haven’t seen purple martins, either. It’s nice they have their own address.

    The sulking – I’m with you. Make each day count. But at least you have an exciting return to the office!

  5. I sulk when vacation days are nearing the end too. School kids just don’t know how good they’ve got it!! Good luck next week with the new job. I’ve been day dreaming about Cape May!

  6. Even before I read your text, I was reacting to the numbered “apartments.” So, how do you say 6 in purple martin bird talk?

  7. Laura – Isn’t it something how quickly vacation disappears. We start off thinking ‘Ahhh – all this time to luxuriate’ and then in a blink we’re sulking that it’s come to such a quick finish.

    I honestly don’t know of any Martin house that I can observe in my area. There’s an abandoned one in our botanical garden and if I were a decade younger I think I’d volunteer to try to get is going again.

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