Just another day in the garden

The milkweed beetles are busy making more…
and the apples are blushing at the sight!

The scarecrow is not very scary and watches it all with his ears in a twist.

Some flowers make me think of lace embroidery…

But the hoops are buried in the cabbage patch!

10 thoughts on “Just another day in the garden”

  1. Laura, this is so nice! That scarecrow looks like anything but scary.

    And I enjoyed the bugs getting it on.

  2. There’s always “something” going on in the garden.
    Birds do it, bees do it, and now with your photos we have proof that bugs do it. . .fall in love–what were you thinking?

  3. What a gorgeous blog you have. I’m looking and reading and loving everything I see… Great quality photos really enhance it. Perhap’s you’ll take a moment to look at my bird/garden blog. It’s fairly new. A humble addition to the cyber bird universe…


    Thank you~!

    I’ve added you to my list of favourite websites and look forward to checking your blog again in future.


  4. beautiful post as always, Laura. Your cabbages are so neat and small; mine are huge and out of control. But then, due to neglect, everything in my garden is out of control! Post coming soon!

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