Sabatia difformis

Lance-leaved sabatia; at least I’m calling it that! In comments on Saturday’s post, Patrick reminded me of a helpful website for Pine Barrens plant ID. That, combined with all six of my wildflower guides, helped me decide what this flower is. I think so, anyway.

I’ve said it before, but learning wildflowers really makes me feel for people who are just starting out with birds. You can have all the best reference material at your fingertips, but it’s all a waste if you don’t put it to use. I’m easily confused and overwhelmed with all the possibilities, so the few books I have that say what’s blooming when are the most helpful because they narrow down the choices of what’s possible. Yet, no book can compare, in my opinion, with having an experienced person by your side in the field.

Anyway, glad we figured this one out together!

6 thoughts on “Sabatia difformis”

  1. Wish I could have been helpful to you :o/ I am overwhelmed. Just discovered Pokeberry. Everyone knew about it but me.:o)

  2. Now that you’ve got birds, Mary you’re bound to have pokeberry!

    Don’t believe all that crap about it being poisonous. They say if you pick it young enough, it makes a fine salad. I’m too much of a Yankee to know that for sure though.

  3. Wildflowers are HARD!! I agree that a field guide that narrows down the blooming season is the best.

    Hey- I’ve never heard of pokeberry either!

  4. Like “Poke Salad Annie”? Lol! I read you need to boil the leaves twice. I won’t bother. Just let the bird get drunk on the fruit.

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