Salty dog

What is it about being in a very public place that makes a puppy sooo prone to misbehave?


Maybe it was all that seaweed he ate, but Luka was an absolute devil at the beach this afternoon! He had a grand time digging in the sand and darting off with clamshells in his mouth. He was so wild at one point I almost walked off and left him. You know how puppies get in that frantic mode where their ears stop working and they’re nothing but barks and snapping jaws – any bit of discipline just makes them worse.

I think maybe he was just cranky – his dinner was overdue and he’d missed his afternoon nap. He was snoring in the car on the drive home. He had a bath in the tub and then his dinner and now he’s sound asleep like a little angel curled up on his bed.

I’m not far behind.

Sea legs

The DH and I had a wonderful surprise today. A friend of his just bought a boat and took us along on a ride. Is there anything better than a friend with a boat?

We had the pup along for what we thought was just a walk at the riverside park; before we knew it, we were cruising up the river to where it meets Sandy Hook Bay. We had a nice lunch dockside at a restaurant on the bay – and Luka even behaved himself pretty well! I only wish I’d had my camera along to be able to share a pic of him with his big ears flapping in the wind on the boat.

It was a great start to the long Labor Day weekend. The views were lovely and we had fun! I grabbed this pic off the internet, but it shows one of the views we had along the way – Twin Lights – which I wrote a bit about in this post.

I’m going to try very hard to get back to something like a regular blogging schedule soon. I’m finished with that god-awful training at work finally, and hope to be able to pay more attention to things now. I did very well on the tests and have a new position where I’ll need to forget everything I’ve just been trained in and learn something new. But there won’t be a gazillion tests this time! Two in our group of seven did not pass and are out of a job now. That really sucks. I felt so badly on Friday when we got the news.

So how is everyone else spending this last weekend of summer? Share, please!