Yet another Pine Barrens mystery

Found beside a quiet swimming hole along Cedar Creek in the NJ Pinelands this morning. The Piney version of a seaside sandcastle or something else? Anyone care to speculate?

(Click for detailed view of the moat and the goldenrod-decorated towers.)

12 thoughts on “Yet another Pine Barrens mystery”

  1. whoever made this unique thing must have been very young in age with a great taste in colors. But, not sure if I can pinpoint exactly how it happened to turn out that way!

  2. I think it is a fairy house. In your case, a fairy castle. My neighbor’s granddaughter has the all over the place. We save bits of bark and moss for her all the time. They are built of all natural “found” things, and are popular with little girls now. My sister and I used to do it too, but didn’t know the little houses had a name.

  3. Sandy: That sounds much nicer than the kinds of things we did as little girls!

    KGMom: A sailboat, hmmm… maybe!

    Lostroses: Surely there’s a fine bit of imagination at work. As kids, we liked to mix up stuff like berries and pine needles into a sort of stew – that was as creative as we got!

  4. that is the most spectacular of things. obviously wrought by the hand of a child, or one who is a child at heart. wood nymphs are more inclined to create things out of leaves, in my experience, especially oak leaves, of which they are so very fond and I’ve seen some very creative work of theirs using acorns as well. the fey, on the other hand, are not such artists as they would like you to belive, although they greatly admire works such as this and may have their hand in it as well, especially because of the goldenrod adornment – so obsessed with flags, they are.

  5. Isn’t that cool? I clicked on the picture just to see what it looked like up close and was amazed to see the water had not washed it away. Very pretty…whoever created it…

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