Golden anniversary

Today we went to a 50th Anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. Don’t they look too young to have been married for 50 years?

I can remember going to the 50th Anniversary party for my grandparents when I was a little kid – they were really old-looking at that point, but I guess my aunt and uncle were married young or have just aged really well. We had a nice time today – mostly I just watched their slew of grandkids dancing the afternoon away. Speaking of dancing – my aunt and uncle are real dancers – fun to watch. No one dances that way anymore.

We spent the afternoon catching up with the cousins and feeding our faces. It was an excuse to get dressed up, which I hardly ever do, and my feet are very unhappy tonight as a result. This weekend passed in a flash and I’m not looking forward to work in the morning. There’s laundry to do and a very rambuctious puppy that needs some exercise – please send vibes for a good night’s sleep!

9 thoughts on “Golden anniversary”

  1. Laura, I am wishing you a calm, relaxing evening. (Almost impossible with a pup on board)

    Your Aunt & Uncle look wonderful but not as wonderful as you and your DH :o) Those milestone anniversaries are a great time – worth sore feet.

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. I’m glad you had a good time! I remember attending my grandparents’ 50th in ’76. They went on to have a 60th and 65th before Grandpa passed on.

    People just don’t stay together like that any more. 🙁

    Good luck on a good night’s sleep! I’ll be sending “quiet pup” vibes your way!

  3. My mom and dad celbrate their 50th on October 5th… what a milestone. Congrats to your aunt and uncle. Hope your feet have recovered!

  4. Celebrating family milestones–such fun.
    And I love the double portraits–your uncle and aunt, and you & DH.
    Long lives to all–and a good night’s sleep.

  5. Couples that stick together that long sure deserve a lot of credit.My mom and dad had their 50th this year too.-Nice photos as well.

  6. Hi Laura,
    My mom & dad celebrated their 50th this year also. My dad would be quite envious of your uncle’s impressive full head of hair! What a fun day for all your family members to get together and celebrate.

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