Ducks in every size, shape and color were on display today at the decoy show; we even spotted a few disguised as pirates! We were somehow lured by this innocent-looking flotilla into buying raffle tickets to benefit the Tuckerton Seaport Museum; with luck the duckie with our name inside will be first across the finish line tomorrow in the race at Tuckerton Creek.

We had a wonderful day and are tired in that good way that comes with exercise and plenty of fresh air. Our wallets were properly exercised as well (I’ll have some treasures to share later) and Luka (unofficially voted as the cutest Lab pup at the show) met at least a hundred other dogs and was petted and fussed over by loads of people. Have I mentioned lately how much this dog loves meeting people and other dogs?

The show runs through tomorrow – I’m even thinking of going back for a few hours – I still have some money left!

5 thoughts on “Decoys”

  1. It should not go to waste! Go spend that money, by all means!

    Having a social dog like Luka does make for a fun day. We’re more likely to strike up conversations with others when dogs are at our sides.

    The little ducks are adorable.

  2. Our community, here along the Susquehanna River, runs a rubber duck regatta–similar idea to what you have described.
    I should hope that Luke would win the cutest puppy award–because he is.
    Every day, I look at his photo (my wallpaper on my work computer) and say–he is such a cute puppy. My co-workers think he is mine, and I keep saying–no, he belongs to a friend of mine.

  3. Bunnygirl: Now you made me sad worrying for all the lost rubber duckies in the world.


    Mary: We wore him out good! He was *meeting and greeting* all day until he dropped!

    Larry: LOL!

    KGMom: Awwww… thanks for saying that about little Luka. He’s a charmer! I worry about the day when he grows up and people stop fussing over him – I think he won’t know what to do with himself.

    We didn’t get any phone calls today, so I don’t guess we won the duckie race, but I would have loved to be there to take pics.

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