Things to do at Cape May

Count the skimmers!




Black Skimmers stage on the beaches of Cape May in the fall and the flock grows to number in the hundreds as the season progresses. They are most often found resting on the beach during the day near the Convention Center – be sure to look for them, but keep a respectful distance for this endangered species, please!

Have you heard about the first-ever Bird Blogger Conference at this year’s Bird Show in Cape May?


In case you live under a rock (or are just not obsessed with birds like the rest of us) you can read the details here and here. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Think about joining us while there’s still time, okay? Cape May is not as far away as you might think and even if it is, it’s well worth the trip. I’m lucky to live within a two-hour drive of one the five best birding spots in the country, but there’s more to Cape May than birds and I’d love to see you enjoy the beauty of South Jersey before it’s all paved over and filled up with shopping malls.

The time around Columbus Day always finds me under the weather and in need of a bit of Cape May’s medicine. There’s something about the salt air and a day off from the routine that works wonders for my mood… so I made a quick trip today to be able to share some of the magic with you. Are you ready to join us yet?

12 thoughts on “Things to do at Cape May”

  1. I’ll have to settle for your reports on it after the fact. Unfortunately I have other commitments. It’s like a 15 hour flight from Anchorage.

  2. I thought maybe you were teaching Luka to count, when I first started seeing one, two etc.

    I went back and re-read your book signing red face moment. Hope you can chuckle about it now; it is quite funny.

    Oh, and I will have to miss the weekend. Conflicts with fall football (college) games. Plus I can’t really claim to be a birder. But I do regret missing the beer.

  3. How about those of us who are new to birding and don’t yet have a blog? Can we come to Cape May? Is there an opportunity for the lurkers to join in the fun? I’ve never looked through a spotting scope before!

    Wayne, PA

  4. Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

    Heather- I’m jumping in and speaking for Laura- YES!! Come on out and join us! Unfortunately only the bloggers can get the registration discount but I think most of the hotels are offering discount room rates for those attending. If you decide to come let one of us know so we can meet!

  5. Hundreds of Skimmers! How incredible! I also will be checking in to see photos.
    Maybe next year I can come.

  6. Beautiful Pictures, and very tempting…But..I didn’t like what mapquest had to tell me about the driving distance to Cape May.

  7. Now come on, Larry–Susan at lakelife is driving from NC, and I’m driving five hours from Central PA. Come on along, buddy!

    Heather, definitely come on along too!

  8. This series of photos is splendid, Laura. I’ve missed so much. I’m carrying my laptop over to hubby to show him Luka’s paw. My husband adores big paws on cute pups.

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