Two hours and a world away

It isn’t easy explaining the *Cape May Experience* to someone who hasn’t been here. If you’ve gone to other birding festivals, you might have an inkling, but I doubt it’s comparable. The first time I came for an Autumn Weekend and then had to leave and go home, I was almost in tears for most of the long drive up the Parkway. Granted, I don’t get out much and was new to birding, but really, there’s something special about Cape May.

I hope that Susan, Susan and Delia got an idea of that special something and can maybe convey it better than I with their posts about the weekend. It’s not just about the spectacle of bird migration that’s so obvious here. Part of it is that there are so many familiar faces and a sense of connection, even among strangers, and the easy way we find common ground to share a laugh, a story and the simple comfort of a warm car at dusk beside the hawkwatch.

9 thoughts on “Two hours and a world away”

  1. Hope you all had a good time. I thought about you as the rain moved out of PA and into NJ then off the coast.
    I look forward to reading all your blogs to see what you saw.

  2. KGMom: I was thinking of you too, on Saturday night. Sorry Penn State lost.

    Delia: There is nothing like the first trip to Cape May, I think. I know this wasn’t your first, but February is a tough time in NJ fr anything but ducks.

    Cathy: Aww.. thanks. I’m sure you’d feel at home there – our writing about Cape Cod makes me sort of homesick for Cape May.

    Mary: We missed you! You would have had a blast, I’m sure. I think you might have been the one person to really enjoy all the rain we got!

  3. It’s easy to feel that, without fellow nature bloggers, we’d be a bit lonely in this world. Glad you had such a boost as being able to connect with others in person.
    It sounds wonderful.

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