The sun’s most gentle rays

The low light caught the velvet fur of Boomer’s ear while he dreamed bunny dreams late this afternoon. His sleepy eyes smiled at my hand against his nose… and he nudged me… a persuasion to again run my happy hand through his dark coat.

I don’t pick out sweet rabbits; they don’t come here silly, jumping figure-eights at my feet. They’re dumped, neglected, frightened. Or worse, like Boomer and some of the others here, sent to slaughter. I pass by that slaughterhouse on my way to work most days and wonder how many others come and meet their death in that place without ever knowing a gentle hand. I look away of course; I don’t have the courage to see what actually goes on there or to do the really hard work of going in and choosing which rabbits to rescue. But I’m glad to be able to support a local rescue that does.

Boomer is a survivor! A Flemish Giant, bred for show but not perfect, so he was sent to slaughter and netted his breeder about $10. His sister and companion, Cricket, passed away last May. A new slaughterhouse Flemmie, Sunshine, found her way to me shortly thereafter and has slowly worked her magic on Boomer’s broken heart. The big news here is that finally (after 6 months!) the two are spending the night together.


11 thoughts on “The sun’s most gentle rays”

  1. It is so heartbreaking. I’m so glad your bunnies have found you, Laura, by chance. What a nice post – from your kind heart.

  2. I love the bunny stories–even when they make me sad. You do give us good news at the end. Hurray for bunny co-habitation!

  3. Ohboy, Boomer IS a Flemish Giant .. the picture I saw looked like it but I was not sure. What a huge bundle of love!

    We too once rescued a poorly treated, endangered Flemish Giant named Marnie and she was so great! Eventually all that bad life caught up with her, way too soon, but she and we were mighty happy for the time we had.

    Enjoy your great life Boomer, and keep giving the Sunshine a chance!

    Say, didn’t John Denver once sing a nice song about “Sunshine on my ear … tra la la …!”

  4. Mary: I’m glad they’ve found me too.

    Ruth: I love the sun on the tips of his fur!

    KGMom: Yes… hooray! Bunnies in pairs are sooo much easier (and happier!)

    Bunnygirl: They’re not quite ready for full-time status, but almost!

    Diva Kitty: I know, me too, but not so much as that spot behind the ears.

    LauraO: Yes, bunnies are sweet. Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll set you up! 😉

    Delia: Niblet is adorable (earless though he may be!)

    Rabbit’s Guy: I think that song was ‘sunshine on my shoulder’ but whatever.

    Flemmies are the most wonderful of rabbits. I want always to have at least a pair.

    Crazy Bun Lady: Well… thank you.

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