Eccentric, unconventional, bizarre… quirky!

Thanks to all who sent pics. I’ve had fun seeing what you think of as quirky or odd. I’ll leave the links out to protect the innocent!

(Yeah, mine, I’ll own up to it!)

A drunken Santa…

Just a little too much…


Just plain cute, I think…

Xmas bunnies… awww

Old-fashioned can be quirky?

Homemade is sweet, not quirky, I think…

The favorite… stolen from the neighborhood.

Happy Christmas everyone.

11 thoughts on “Eccentric, unconventional, bizarre… quirky!”

  1. Laura,

    How in the world did I miss this post? My days off have turned my brain into MUSH.

    Funny post. Who in the world decorates Christmas PUMPKINS!


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