One last quirky bit

So the mayhem of Christmas Day is done and I can sit in my barefeet in my peaceful house and be glad for the quiet again.

It was a day full of relatives and food and I’ve had my fill of both for a while, I think. I spent the morning at Christmas breakfast with my brothers and then had the in-laws and their babies and family friends and strangers they brought in off the street for the afternoon and into the night. I never would have thought my little house could hold so many! But there was one point during the night when I stood in my kitchen and looked out at the room full of laughing faces and was glad (mostly) for their company; glad at least that they were all together for the first time in a long while. I smiled at that.

I want to share two last things before wandering away for a few days: first a final example of quirkiness found at my brother’s. Do any of you remember those old-fashioned tinsel trees? Well, Brian bought this one and has it decorated with bubble lights and antique Shiny-Bright ornaments he’s bought off eBay or pilfered from my dad’s garage and we all think it’s the most beautiful thing.

Growing up, we had two xmas trees. The real one in the basement was for us kids; the one upstairs was for show and was a tinsel tree like this, but full size and with one of those color-wheel projection thingies that must have been all the rage at some point in history. God awful at the time, probably, but memory and nostalgia make my brothers and I yearn to find one like it again.

Lastly, a poem of sorts, sent by my brother Kevin. He had meant for me to include it here somehow, but it almost feels too personal to do so. I’ll post it anyway, with the idea that most of the meaning I read into it may well go right over your heads. I’m counting on that anyway.


“First Christmas”

Early morning quiet
Lighted tree
Waits, anticipates, overcompensates

Little girls feet
Cold crisp floor

Too young
To grow up
To do without

Lights not right
Don’t hide
Tears at night

The garland
On top or underneath?
Mom knew

The tinsel last
One at a time
Mom knew

The wrapping
Ends folded wrong
Mom knew

Blue winter jacket
Too tight
Mom knew

Holly hobby house
Bad words
Stamping feet

Stockings to brim
With girly things
An orange way down

No coal this year

One day, I’ll be up to telling that story, maybe.

Hope it was happy for everyone and that Santa brought all that you’d hoped for.

10 thoughts on “One last quirky bit”

  1. Laura, I read this post twice. Having a houseful of people is not always fun for the hostess and I’m glad you were able to smile and enjoy what they offered.

    Your brother writes almost as well as you…I understood his poem – every word! Mom knew. Yes, she did.

    And it’s over for another year, ahhh…sigh. Sad but relieved, right?

  2. Mom always knows.

    Oh, Laura–check antique malls for those christmas decorations; I used to work at one in Fort Worth, and we had one of those crazy projection light things. I loved loved loved the christmas tree every year when I was a kid. We have an artificial one now, which is nicer to Mother Earth but somehow just not the same.

  3. Hi Laura,
    When we were little kids (in the mid 60’s)Our neighbors had one of those tinsel trees with the multicolored light. I think theirs was even on a revolving base so the tree went around too! I was amazed when my brother told me people were selling buying and selling these on eBay.

  4. This is a lovely post, Laura. You were definitely too young, but I’ve realized that there never is really a “okay” age- we always need or want them to be there.

    I like the tree a lot. It does bring back memories and I laughed that the real tree got stuck in the basement.

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