Horseshoe Cove sunset

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

If I had the time, or better said, if my work schedule permitted it, I think I would be in a place everyday where I could watch the sun set over water. Especially in the wintertime, when the colors are just so much more spectacular somehow. As it is now, it’s a race to be home before dusk, but everyday the light is lingering a bit longer. Have you noticed that yet? Spring must be on the horizon.

11 thoughts on “Horseshoe Cove sunset”

  1. Pretty strange .. you on the East coast showing sunsets, while we here on the West coast face the east and see, now, the sky brightening earlier and earlier each day. It has been very clear the past two mornings, and Mt Baker is all lit up by the early sun.

  2. Yes, light on the water, whether rising or setting seems to be the perfect parentheses for the day. I have noticed the days are longer and brighter. It’s only eight weeks to equinox, which means we are almost half way there. Beautiful photograph.

  3. Your Horseshoe Cove sunset is so beautiful. The colors of the sky are wonderful. Yes. Spring will come. About this time of year I start longing for the first crocus. That may appear by Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait!

  4. I noticed it wasn’t completely dark at 6pm last night. Day by day…

    That is one of the most colorful sunsets I’ve seen. So grand.

  5. Yes-I’ve been trying to sneak in a few minutes of birding after work but it’s just too rushed and not really worth it.-Maybe I should just watch the sunset-love the photo.

  6. I feel like I’m missing a key part of my life when the day is dark by the time I get home.

    I so look forward to longer days–and more time to spend outdoors.

    Your sunset is beautiful–such intense color and silhouette.

  7. That is a pretty scene! It’s still pretty dark when I wake up, but I have noticed the sun staying up longer at the other end of the day… And the chickadee’s fee-bee call… Spring is coming… slowly…

  8. Mmmm… an exquisite image. Yes, it’s delightful to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, just 10 minutes from my abode (c:

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